The Weather

Does any one find the cold weather affects their mood as well as the pd?

I had a good day yesterday only to wake up to a covering of snow and whey hey it stopped me in my tracks. Another wasted day feeling slow and stiff i couldn`t be bothered to do anything and felt really odd.

I suppose its something i`ll have to get used to!

I hope tomorrow is milder otherwise Xmas is postponed!!

Big C :disappointed:
Hello BigC I believe the weather affects many folk, not just those with PD.

I don't know what age you are but I do know the colder weather can dampen our spirits as we get older.

Autumn and winter weather can chill us to the bone, while spring and summer warms our souls but then if it is too hot we complain. No happy medium.

I hope today is better for you.

Beest wishes
Radz x
hiya big c welcome to the forum :smile:the cold weather makes my joints hurt more,knees and hips etc,and i find the warmer the weather it helps me:rolling_eyes:we have had a bit of snow in prioslee which is bout 20 mins in a car from me this mornin ,i love the snow,lookin at it,but thats it now adays im afraid.:smile:
Yes Big C even our neurologist has noticed that we all complain when the weather is cold, so we can look forward to the summer , nice to curl up around the fire though luv Sunray
The extremes of weather cirtainly affects my husband . The heat strips him of the little energy he has and when its colder he becomes stiffer and shivers , taking quite a while to recover from .. Definately affects mood as well the brighter the day the better he is .
I often tend to give up and stay in on a cold day, although I had to go out today. I find when indoors and outdoors looks so cold that having a warm hot water bottle to cuddle is mood lifting and I can face the jobs that need doing. It's not that the house is cold, but a centre of heat is encouraging.
hi,i find my tremor is worse now winter is here but when i go out i just put on extra cloths and that seems to be helping,but some days nothing helps but thats pd 4 yuh crap.

good luck :laughing: