These legs are made for walking

OK it was boots but Nancy was right.

I am diagnosed 4yrs , 59 yrsold and haviv difficulties with my legs .

Four months ago I was walking 5 miles , playing tennis and golf (badly) .

now I struggle to manage around the shops .   I'm getting pain and weaknessin the legs (particularly the calves and front just above the knee ),  also get numb toes.

Seems to be caused sometimes my physical stress but also it can be stress in generali.e. Work or socialsituations .   it comes on in the middle of the night presumably this may bebecause my last drug intake ( madpar and ropinirole ) were at about eight o'clock ...

. I'm interested to know if other PD people have good legs or if the experienced problems and if so how severe ?  I'm trying to work out if it is normal with PD or if somethingout of the ordinary is going on

in which case it would be worth  try to work out what is ?

Andy (ojalahey)


Hi Andy

In the year's before i knew i was ill i used too do lot's of walking,cycling and Angling.

I would be on the Go from dawn too dusk, At work  the mountain of daily work,my ethos was always get it all done and before the expected time, i'd rush home and then i'd be out. walking i'd stride infront of other's, cycling i'd leave others for dust lol.

But then in the summer before i knew it was a illness i started slowing down, i was moving but getting no where, where i was once infront i was toddling behind others, work became hard, life became hard, i became weak as lamb in my arms and legs, i had pain in my arms and legs as well and my hands, and i had numbness as well, i was very tired. 

And at that point i went too see my Gp, it was the first time i'd been too see one in 15-20 yr's and eventually a Neuro, he noted i have weakness in my arms and leg's, i have terrible pain in the evening's, but i had that before i started any medication.

In convosation with my parky nurse the other day she said it was something too be looked at once PD was under control.

Ta for reply

SOunds like u have similar to m e.. how long r u diagnosed?

The Parks professionals seem to think it is PD causing my bad legs ,  what they dont seem to have any idea about is what can be done to relieve it .  Like your situation "to be looked at once the PD is under control" ... thats all welll and good but why wait ?

Maybe it just has too be borne,  but I'm wondering if massage or some sort of relaxant might help.  It seems to increase stress/tension in the body generally which forms a vicious circle and generates more leg problems... probably relaxation startegies (I am using Mindfulnness Meditation) could help but I feel the PARKS specilaist/nurses are not au-fait with dealing with this problem .



i was diagnosed octber 1st.

but it took a year too get diagnosed, i might of been ill for many years, but in the last few yr's it became a problem, i've certainly had a tremor for as much as maybe 15 yr's.

One thing that is obvious not just for me but others too it does take a long time too get anywhere treatment wise, just getting the right pils seems a battle, or just too get diagnosed, there's nothing else i can do it seems but wait, it is horrid the waiting and it feels very much like do it yourself sometimes, but thats the nhs. were all in the same boat.

i try and keep busy as if too try and imitate normality, but if i do any activity i used too do llike angling i pay for it in pain the next day, i've breifly read excercise or massage is good for our bodys, perhaps someone else on the forum knows what's best?.

i agree .

gettinmg meds right is difficlt, and nhs doesnt monitor this very closely

have to do it your seflf