Thinking of Winding Down from Work

Hi , I'm new to the forum . I was diagnosed over 2 years ago and caused a bit of a dilemma for my employers due to being a front line operational paramedic, driving vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.
I was medically assessed as fit to drive by the DVLA during the first year and a half and was about to be granted another year when a routine visit to the optician put a spoke in the works by finding a problem with my eyesight.My colleagues were supportive and I was allowed to continue in a non-driving capacity until a decision was made by the DVLA that I would only qualify for a three year car driving licence.
I fully appreciate the safety implications to my colleagues and to my patients and now feel ready (after 37 years in the ambulance service on front line duties ) to either step down to less strenuous duties or to seek ill health early retirement in the NHS scheme before my ability to function effectively is too badly affected.
I keep myself busy and hope to contribute regularly to this forum.
My message today is not to give up hope of carrying on working in the emergency services if you still want to. My employers respected the Disability Discrimination Act and made every effort to accommodate me at a very difficult time.
Hello and welcome Ferdinand, I'm sure that you will get a lot our of being part of this community. The people are supportive and very generous about sharing their own experiences of PD, I have learned such a lot since joining.

I look forward to seeing you around

take care
Hi Ferdinand, i was 31 when diagnosed with my Pd im now 50, i gave up my car and work capacity some years back now, it was so hard to give up my independance , broke my heart big time, it was one of the hardest things ive had to face in my 20 years as a parkinsonian, i was told i wud have to face a dvla test soon, but after having the slightest of accidents, a lil bumper to bumper, with no damage to my car and the smallest of dents hardly visible to the other car, the first accident ive ever had, may i add lol in over 25 years driving of all sorts of vehicles , from motorcycles, cars, mini buses, etc i decided myself it was time, i guess you know deep down inside when the time was right. welcome to the forums my friend , any info or help you need and im sure you will find it here.

Hugh aka welshbearuk
Hello Ferdinand and welcome to the forum,

As already said you will find a lot of information and support on here and a good sense of humour.
We had a friend who was in the ambulance service, he also had to give up the driving but managed to work for a few more years, these days employers are generally more helpful but I do know of a couple of nurses who had a very difficult and unhelpful time with no support from their bosses and this in the last four years.
Anyway all the best and please don't work until you really are too tired to enjoy some retirement.
best wishes
Finally decided to retire from work in June age 57. Got myself an automatic transmission car which is a massive help due to my sluggish left leg.---recommend this type of car for anybody with problems using the clutch on a manual transmission vehicle.:smile:
Consultant has offered to start me on levadopa if I want. Taking 10mg Ropinirole and 1mg Rasagaline daily at present. Main problems are left side slowness and joint/muscle stiffness, ---no tremor as yet. Any reccommendations re-levadopa ?
Sill trying to be as active as possible and keeping positive. Family are great.
no clutch is also one less distraction at intersections.
i would say if you feel the need for more meds levadopa on top of requip is better than increasing requip into potentially dangerous levels for whatever ocd is called nowadays.