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Hi all,

I take Azilect every morning and it keeps me tremor free all day. The problems occur at night. The worst thing I find is a "tired ache" in my right leg that results in a sharp, short spasm. I have to get out if bed and do 5 minutes of stretching exercise to rid myself of it. Sometimes it is twice a night.

If I took my Azilect at night, Instead of the morning, do you think it might help?


Hi Banjo ,I take azilect in the morning  was told by neurologist it helps to keep what dopermine we have left !!!!!

not sure changing times will help maybe talk to P D nurse if you have one , I also have a Neupro patch  & sinemet 4 times a day  was diognosed 2009  , you don't say you take anything else or how long you have had PD  we are all different  hope you can solve the problem .

best wishes Marie

Hi Marie and Banjo

Banjo I would agree with Marie best to ask someone medical about timings.

Marie could you give me your experience of Neupro patches. I take 100 mg Madopar x 3 daily and am supposed to be starting the patches but haven t been brave enough yet! First drug I took for PD was another DA Mirapexin which gave me very low BP which was scary.

Very grateful to hear how Neupro has been for you

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hi banjo ,try and have a word with your pd nurse and see if there is a slow release tablet,i am on sinemet plus and also on sinemet cr. ie controlled release at night stops all the aches & pains also helps me move better during night time.

Hi all,

many thanks for the replies. 

I managed to talk with the PD Nurse and it seems Azilect must only be taken in the morning. I can, though, try a sleeping pill. Seeing the specialist in June.

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amitripyline is good for pain also helps you sleep! gus

Have you tried a magnesium supplement? It's good for cramps.

Hi Cheryll,

no I haven't. Any suggestions as to what form it would be best in?



I take a 250mg tablet every morning with my other supplements. A lady I know swears by it for cramps.

amitripyline relaxes muscles aswell ! if the magnesium no good


Just to agree with Gus

I have been on Amitriptyline for 3 weeks for sleeping. It has helped with that but the surprise for me is how it s helped a great deal with pain and stiffness.

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think i am going to give magnesium tablets ago,have looked to see if there alright to take with other meds and there ok ! get cramp in hands nothing to lose 3.98 for 90 tablets on ebay

Hi Gus,

would I need to see my doctor before trying any of the tablets you suggest?




yeah i have just looked at magnesium tablets they come in many mg ie 100,200,250,300  I'm going to wait to see my gp,you can go on med checker for free and put in the tablet or supplement then put in all your meds and it will tell you if they interact with each other.best to see gp i think ! good luck banjo. if you get more pains in legs ask your gp about gabapentin they don't like giving them as they cost but good for nerve pain

Hi Banjo

No muscle cramps but i do take Azilect as well as Madopar  4 times a day  would not recomend taking Azilect at night ,  i used to take my Azilect last thing at night but i found that i was prone to some rather vivid dreams , so my pd nurse advised changing the Azilect to morning which seems to have helped with the vivid dreams