Time spent on this forum

i dont come on here much but when i do i have a good read at the subjects and who goes on it.
its alarming just how many time certain people go on this site and sem to think that they own it.
why dont you do some volunteering innstead of spending so much time here? yes you know who you are-just let other people have a say for once !
Morning Beamsley - In my humble opinion People should be able to use the forum as and when they like and in no way does it stop other people having their say.

Have you ever thought that some of these people may not be well enough to get out of the house and the forum can be a life line. As well as the social activity there is also a lot of good advice given here.

Just my thoughts.

Have a good day.

Dear beamsley

I really do hope that no forum member is made to feel that they are being pushed out by those who visit frequently.
As Lizzy points out, some members are not in a position to do any kind of work, lack the concentration powers to read, watch TV or the ability to perform much more than basic tasks such as washing & eating. This site can indeed be a lifeline - in terms of company, information & some fun. Personally, I think that what is posted matters more than who the poster is. We don't really "know " them anyway

Best wishes
beamsley ,i spose im one of the folk ur talkin about ,but with out gettin involved with somethin which may cause trouble,i would justlike to kinda repeat wot lizzy surgests,im one of the people who carnt get out ,this is my only communication with people apart from a carer 3 times aday that i have,unless im took out to the shops,other wise it a tv,radio or spekin to people on the forum or on face book,as u all no i like the forum ,but i still even if not goin on bout me health ,feel like im bein pushed out of somethin i like enjoyin to do and keeps my mind occupied durin the day and nite,it gives me surport,and ive got some friends ineed and they need me to.i will try not post as much if this may help some other people to make them happy ,:rolling_eyes:
Dear Beamsley,
The good people who own this forum have had a good think and supplied us with access to massive amounts of storage space, probably amounting to terrabytes, (look it up.)
Theres no need for frugality. Let rip with your postings, feel free with your mouse clicks, while you can.
And stop moaning. Or confine your moans to PD and lack of a cure.
Hi, Beamslie.

Hi, Beamsley. Coooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

And a very good March morning to you Mr Beamsley, I hope the sun is shining for you in Bradford more than it is here in God's country (Humberside).

Thank you most kindly for your astute observations and critical analysis of the small but happy throng who constitute the "certain people who go on this site and sem [sic] to think that they own it." I assume - since you appear to lack the gumption to name names - that you consider me to be one of that band whose regularity of contribution you seem for some reason to find "alarming".

Thank you also for your suggestion that we "just let other people have a say for once!" It was good of you to let us know that by posting our contributions we were in fact preventing yourself and others from doing so. I don't doubt that it will surprise everyone to discover that the daily number of posts is limited in this way; I'm sure the Moderator will be equally amazed.

You say that you "have a good read at [sic] the subjects" discussed by the infamous band of regulars, and I have done the same with regard to your own. The latter seem to predominantly comprise pointless whingeing about problems of your own which unfortunately are insoluble, and some serious self-promotion as the hero sent from above to muster volunteer forces to resolve all things Parkinsonian, rather than waste their time on pointless forums.

We do of course recognise and admire your contribution on the volunteering front, but suggest you spend a second or two considering the possibility that other members may be less able to join you. I myself have a lot of experience to share relating to DAs/OCDs (look them up when you're not volunteering), and have personally rescued several individuals and couples from the same awful fate that I went through. That's MY way of volunteering. I was recently invited to attend a PUK meeting in London on the subject, but unfortunately my PD was too severe that day for me to be able to make the journey. I'm sorry that I therefore had to stay at home that day, thereby presumably preventing you from gaining access to this website.

I'm glad to hear that you're monitoring exactly when I'm logged on and posting my contributions: a very constructive use of your own time. You'll no doubt have discovered that I'm in and out every couple of hours. This matches my sleep patterns: although I get enough sleep overall I never sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, so I log on many times a day. Is that ok? If you'd asked I could have told you and saved you the sleuthing.

For your further information I haven't been able to leave my house, apart from for medical appointments, for nearly two years now, and my condition unfortunately results in my having to spend around 75% of my time in bed. My wife is my 24 x 7 carer (although registered disabled herself), and I cannot bath myself or perform many functions others would consider normal activities. Basically my life comprises my TV and my computer, a large constituent part of the latter being this forum.

However I perfectly understand how the presence of me and those like me on your forum must irritate you, so I'll be off now, never to be seen again.



Dont, Ray. I think Mr. Beamsly has got the message
Hi beamsley,
The computer and this forum are a lifeline for many.Nobody should be limited to how much time they spend on here.Your pointless moan does not endear you in any way.
All the best
Hi Mr Beamsley, as a newcomer to the forum I can honestly say that the wee small hours of the morning are not so lonely. There is always someone to chat to and long may they reign.
Since I have been on this forum I have learnt so much about PD and the medications we take.The forum has excellent advice and help from good people. As Titan said there are people on this forum who can not get out and about and this is their life line, to chat with others and not feel alone. Have a heart..

best wishes PB
hello....just an "old" granny here....I agree with Ray, Ali, Posh Bird, Compost,....etc....
I am fortunate that my condition is not yet too difficult, so I may still get out -and I must say -this winter I've been out shoveling snow way more than I like....my only volunteering, has been numerous times babysitting grandchildren, and when I go to donate blood at hospitals. But I also enjoy all the friends I have here, as many of my friends in past years (older than myself) have passed away, and it is not always easy making new friends.
I hope that all of the above people -and others too many to remember their names,will keep on here, reading our messages, and posting to each other.

Hope you "all" have one of your better days, today. :wink:
Whats going on here, a newbie who isnt a newbie posts a message???.The issue something that the poster feels strongly about, there are clearly issues of verbal bullying in some of these responses.Ali well done your post was a sensible insight into the fact that everyone who comes here has needs.Comments on all sides are valid but intimidating content is not.
I see both sides but I see what beasley (I get what hes trying to express and I get why people post a lot) why attack him in such a vile way? He allowed to express his opinion and you are allowed to defend yours but really......why in that horrible sarcastic manner in which you do?
Thats why people dont post on here for fear of ridicule, for fear of not conforming for fear of not being in the gang.
Purps well said
I suggest that Mr Beamsley's initial posting on this thread (below) was deliberately provocative, and set the tone for subsequent exchanges. You reap what you sow.

I don't come on here much but when I do I have a good read at the subjects and who goes on it. It's alarming just how many times certain people go on this site and sem to think that they own it. Why don't you do some volunteering instead of spending so much time here? Yes you know who you are - just let other people have a say for once!
who's assumed i am mr? I AM FEMALE. how cruel people can be is a matter of individual choice is it not? and as a result of those wonderful people on here i am not going to be anymore because of freedom of choice. because someone has put i am a newbie it is also assumed that i know nothing about life.
hey go on with your niceties if it makes you feel better because you have suceeded in dragging me down to my lowest level-that includes you and you and you.
deeply offended by some but grateful i have support.
freedom of speech on here?i dont think so
Deliberate provocation,is your interpretation ray of a post,and reap what you sow your excuse for a tirade of abuse aimed at an individual,who like yourself you say volunteers,to help other sufferers of this nuisance PD.You have something in common a desire to help others.Your approach perhaps needs a tweak, Your response was reactive in the extreme.Not a good advert for a volunteer.Your response only added value to the intended substance of the original post.
Hi Beemsley pleased to meet you I am guilty I assumed you were a man lol x
Do you know what I did too. Blast from the past I think, he was an old school teacher of mine. Sorry Beamsley