Tinted lens research

I wish to open the debate in Parkinsons as to the possibility of a new form of treatment using carefully controlled filters and /or specialist lighting. Although Parkinsons is not our particular area of expertise, the results we have seen (in a limited number of patients = around 20) have been extraordinary. To date we have not found any patient in which we did not have a obvious beneficial effect – although we are aware of a variety of reasons why they could have occurred – the reversal effects are more difficult to discount as being attentional / stress related.
We have found the following
Control of tremor (we can switch it on and off to order)
Stoppage / reduction of Dyskinesia = again immediate effects are possible
Restoration of taste / smell – even after years of sensory loss
Changes to gait and posture (praxis modification)
Temporal processing changes
“mind fog” reduction
Pain / discomfort reduction
and more
However, we have a specialist optometric practice and do not have the facilities for clinical research in this area (we are working with a UK medical school on another project – and following a successful clinical trial, are jointly developing a new treatment for an unrelated condition following a similar request to this one).
We are able to offer help for professionals to develop critical assessment and prescribing skills. These techniques are extremely complex and we require access to advanced instrumentation – but we may be able to lend instrumentation / do the assessments - if time permits.
I believe that there is a possibility of a major new type of intervention in PD, but it is imperative that properly conducted research is undertaken. I am happy to discuss with interested parties how we can collaborate / further this.