TMJ for Parkinsons


Will do.


Not sure its similiar but you can buy gum shields /night shields in pharmacy, Amazon etc to help with teeth grinding. 


Appears to me to be Temporomandibular joint disorder  take a look easy reading.  refers to TMJ


Yes, that's exactly what it is, TeeHee. Research in Italy found a connection with Parkinson's and fitted people with gum shields, which seemed to help their PD symptoms. To get the correct fitting, an impression of your lower jaw is needed though. So not sure how one bought from Amazon would work. I'm of the view that, anything's worth a try!!




Good point, just saw them advertised for  teeth grinding, ok until you get the real ones !   


Quick update on the gum shield for TMJ. To test whether it was helping me, I stopped wearing it at night, for two weeks. I noticed that my neck muscles were a lot more tense during the day, throughout this period. So now I'm wearing the gum shield again at night and hey presto, my neck and jaw feel more relaxed in the daytime. 



I could do with a gum shield. Have terrible neck stiffness when meds are low. And then walking is even worse as can't straighten up properly or swing arms well. Moan moan, sorry!



I have tmjd for more than 10 years. I am not responding much in my tmj treatment. For the previous months im experiencing parkinsons symptoms like tremors in my hands and bad posture i also find it hard to walk or to stand from a sitting position. I knew those could be a sign of pd but im just in my late 20s when the symptoms starts. Its very easy for me to assess or researc about my condition bcos im an rn. I do a lot of research and none of my relatives exp pd. I suspect that it might due to my tmjd bcos my neck shoulder pain worsen. Thats the reason it lead me in ds artcle. I believe thats a lot of symptoms of tmjd is the same wd pd.