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14:35 Don't Tell the Wife E/W
15:10 Le Burf Win
15:40 Noun de la Thinte E/W
12:40 Hector's House E/W
13:15 O Crotaigh Win
14:25 Maori Legend Win
14:15 Sydney Sling Win
14:50 Ballinderry Park Win
15:20 Petroglyph E/W
15:50 Ackertac E/W

I would have thought you of all people would not encourage gambling to people taking dopamine agonist medication!


Afternoon Luke, I've missed you.

You obviously dont care to answer my reasonable question?

No, it's [u]you[/u] I don't care about Luke. Now run away, there's a good boy.

Hi Rene
I agree with Lukey this time,however not agree with some of the postings he has made over the past few weeks.
Please dont think I am trying to cause trouble etc.just my opinion,sorry
Take Care Dot xx

Understand, Dotty, but I'm not encouraging anyone, just giving an opinion. I watch racing on TV every day, and it's fun to pick a winner (or not!) without spending a penny.

Folks...this man (or sham) has been found guilty by the high courts of fraud and deception and released on conditional discharge.

Only mitigating circumstances of taking dopamine agonists got that result. He now has the gaul to post racing tips on the PDS forum.


lukey theres no need to put that post ,he nows wot he done ,u keep reminding him and people are ware of the situation,let it go and let him get on with his life ,he is trying now,please dont cause a fite on the forum ,emily has already got eyes peeled and it not fair.and as far as das r concerned im on erm and fiting erm too,andother things too,so it not just big r that has probs with das.:smile:

Do you wait around all day for my arrival, Luke? :laughing:

I suspect you wouldn't have posted anything if it had been someone else. :laughing:

And if you really don't know the difference between GAUL and GALL you really are a saddo! :laughing:

Now run away lad, there's a good boy.


I can understand bit where you are coming from,However I still stick to my previous post.You are off das have control back,what about people who are on das and haven't.

Ali...Do you believe that dopamine agonists cause compulsive behaviour like gambling and hypersexuality?

If you do....why are you defending someone that is blantantly disregarding peoples emotions by posting racing tips?

Who else is going to highlight this?

He may be your friend but its not very helpful for people that are affected by compulsions, is it?


Dotty, if people are taking DAs and are suffering out-of-control gambling they should come off them a.s.a.p.
When I had compulsive behaviour people weren't aware of the reason, but there's no excuse nowadays.
It's hardly MY fault that these side effects exist is it?
Such folk should see their consultants pronto.


You can swerve as much as you like. You're openly rubbing peoples noses in it by posting those racing tips.

You know about DA's and how they can cause compulsive side effects.

Why are you defending such an outrageous position.

Call me all the names you want! This isnt going away!


Like I said Lukey, I missed you!

You don't know the meanings of GAUL and GALL; do you know the word GULLIBLE?

Have a nice day, cretin!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

i do beleave about compulsive effects to das,and im not defending no one just put my thoughts about das as im on them thats all,sorry i go away and leave u too it.byex

gentlemen cant you both stop this row youve both made your points its time to let it rest now :laughing:

Getting down to the skin and bones of your psyche, now eh, Rene?

Trying to deflect things like using my misspelling of a word is pretty naff.

You have posted RACING TIPS on a forum where many members suffer from compulsive disorders caused by dopamine agonists.

You have suffered these effects (or have you?) and apparently had your life turned upside down, inside out and yet you still posted about the very same subject without any consideration for others



Putting aside any differences that you and I may have.

Do you think that posting RACING TIPS on this forum was the right thing to do?

Knowing that many people on here suffer from compulsions caused by the same medication that got hv off the hook!

I dont expect a straight answer off a posse' member but you can always chuck that badge away, uh?



Hook, line and sinker!

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