Tomorrow - D Day

I first cam on this site nearly 3 months ago, when a nurse at the hospital asked my wife 'how long had I had the PD diagnosis?, to which she replied he hasn't got PD!" However after talking to the nurse and answering questions began to think that this was probably the reason I had not been right for at least a year. Went back to GP told him and asked for a referral. He seemed to agree that there was a problem one side and said it could very wellbe PD. Neurology appoints at darent Valley Hospital tomorrow morning with a Dr Delamont. Sounds funny but my wife has spent hours on the PD site, bless her really hope it is that and I can get on some meds, after all this it will be awful to be back to square one - knowing I am not right but all other tests have proved negative.
Does anyone know of Dr Delamont? Any idea what will happen tomorrow - will I start on meds straight away - according to friends (and DVD's of our recent cruises) I have had the symptoms since beginning of 2010 and am very slow, shuffle, lost confidence, lost interest, have a mask expression sometimes, don't swing my arms when I walk and am inclined to lean to one side. Have bladder trouble, my writing is no longer legible (yet I was an admin man in RAF for nearly 30 years then admin man in local government for 15 years! Other than that I am fine!! I am 74 years of age, but until 2 years ago could easily pass for a 60 year old.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

hi michaele, when i was first diagnosed i went into see the consultant and i think the moment i walked in the room he had me diagnosed he gave me a physical examination got me to walk up and down of course i had no arm swing in the r/side and from that he said i had pd i did not go on medication for 4yrs after diagnosis, i also had a brain scan to rule out any other cause, but i suppose all consultants have there own way of doing things, you seem to have a lot of the classic pd symtoms, i have had pd 9yrs i was diagnosed when i was 43, but life is not all doom and gloom you just have to adapt and do things slower once you get on the meds you should feel a bit better it wont happen over night but you can still enjoy a reasonable qaulity of life good luck with your appointment.sue.

Thank you Sue for taking the time to respond. Mike

Hi Michael
every neuro is different - with favourite medecines and diferent opinions.
Given your age i would bt on you going straight onto levadopa (sinemet or madopar). These should have an effect quite quickly. We shall see!
anyway good luck

Well been to the hospital spent nigh on an hour with registrar then consultant. All sorts of tests, they have said I have some parkinson tyoe symptons but are sending me for a DaT scan an MRI and a spinal test. I also had 7 phials of blood taken including encephalitis and zinc and copper. They have said it will be about 2 to 3 months before I see the consultat again with a diagnosis but that it is better to have proper diagnosis to treat than to have wrong medication.
My wife and I both feel a bit bamboozled - we were convinced we would have had a diagnosis and treatment plan by tonight. Ah well, looking firward to a brilliant Christmas with the Family.

Hi there
Nil Carborundum - or as they say "Don't let it grind you down". If the diagnosis is pd there is not a lot you can do about it. Just plod along in your usual way and fight things as they crop up. Any time things get a little heavy for you, come on the forum and let it out. There's plenty of listeners who will cheer you up. Best wishes