Tonight's meeting

Thanks to everyone who took part in tonight's discussion. It was a really good meeting with lots of great ideas.

We were really sorry that not everyone was able to log on. We are looking to set up future meetings with easier technology.

Please let me know your ideas for future discussions.

I will post a short summary of key points soon

Thank you, Steve.

You say that "not everybody was able to log on". Can you tell us how many registered to take part, and how many were successful?


Thank you for setting it up.
Hi all.

Glad to hear the meeting was productive. Sorry I couldn't make it myself due to the vagaries of this wonderful condition of ours.

How many people took part, and how many had actually registered?

Glad you're back Merve. I didn't register because I'm not well up on technical know-how and the other reason was if I got nervous I wouldn't be able to control fingers, shakes etc. anyway so it would mean even more frustration for myself and those waiting for a reply.
It was done on the telephone! That's what confused me at first. One logged in on the puter then dialled a free phone number. After giving the code (as got via email after registering) one joined a conference call.
Sounds complicated but once I realised it was done via phone it was easy and typing wasn't required.
Thanks for the info SF, pity it wasn't made clear in the invitation to take part.
Hi all
Steve's notes from the meeting are now available on the blog - you can find the link on the homepage under What's New or just go to

After last year's failed attempt at a live on line meeting between Chief Exec Steve Ford and forum members (they couldn't get the network working, so only about 3 members got through), does anyone know if another is planned?