Travel Insurance

Can anyone recommend an insurance company for travel insurance? I tried getting a quote on the internet and the premium was horrendous.
Have you tried age concern I am 47 years old and they insured me. quite reasonable too

I went to Egypt last christmas and got travel insurance with '1 STOP TRAVEL INURANCE'. My advice to you is get several on line quotes via email from different companies over a few days and obviously go with the cheapest quote for the same amount of cover. I noticed for some reason quotes where cheaper at the weekends than during the week due to special deals. Surfing the net for deals is so easy and enables you to grab a deal. Once i decided the best deal for the cover i needed i called them to make payment and confirm names and cover details.

Have a lovely holiday:smile:

I tried the AA and the quote was cheaper than others because we were members

Some bank accounts provide free travel insurance. Our does, and PD is one of the conditions covered with no extra premium to pay. There is a whole list of conditions that they do not even need you to declare.
Hi, It really pays to shop around .I did it by phone for our annual travel insurance and found the loading for P,D was quite reaonable with Insure and Go. I think it was Vic on this Forum who originally recommended them.
Re travel insurance - I found SAGA very helpful
Best wishes Maryw
Hi, I use the AA they have been good. Age concern is good. Do watch with the banks, Nat West I think it was only covered you if you were on one type of pill.
Thank you for all the suggestions - I shall give them a go
Buying travel insurance policy is very important and If I want to purchase the travel insurance policies then I'll go for "" because they will offer some discounts which I really like.
we use nationwide and no extra fee for parkinson clients xx good luck:grin:
Travel Insurance has so many advantages and also their are so many types of travel insurance policies which are very useful,only the thing is we need to decide whether which policy have to take.......