Treatment to combat urge incontinence


Has anyone tried Vesomni? My GP referred me to a urologist who put me on this and it worked a treat.


I use this
It’s amazing
No more getting up ten times a night to pee.


Try Tena MEN pads ,my wife’s ordered me some,there ultra thin and contain some kind of deodoriser,for now I’m using her panty liners,only till the Tenaman pads come,hope they get rid of the embarrassment of damp patches showing,bye.


Hi all, well I hope you all are doing well, I wanted to ask what is these meds I have not heard of them and what are they used for please,
Kind regards Raz


Update on PTNS treatment.
Well I finished the full course, unsuccessful!
Disappointing when other ladies were just arriving st the hospital
to have booster treatment just the once every two or three months .
Started on tablets but had to stop as they were causing sore mouth, tongue, cracked mouth etc