I have just started my first PD medication co-careldopa 25/100 with the instructions take 3 times a day with main meals,now is this take before,during or after the meal?Looking at past postings this does not seem to be a popular medication or is it that people don't have problems with it.Also if you are on in when can I expect to see any improvement I take it for a tremor of the hand.
Thanks in anticipation,
Silver Spoon
Hi Silver Spoon. I have taken co-careldopa for quite a while now. I take 8 x 25/100 per day. I can't say I have had any problems with it. Taking 8 per day means I don't always take them with meals. I am happy with my medication at present, but I guess what suits one person may not suit another. I must add , this is not the only drug I take for my Pd, but it is the main one, but then I was diagnosed over 30 years ago .

I was told to take the sinemet with meals but have since learned that most people avoid protein which can interfere with levodopa and lessen the effect So half an hour before and two hours after meals (i.e.empty stomach) is ideal although obviously not possible when people reach higher doses. A small amount of carbohydrate may help with any nausea. Some people even delay protein meals until the evening meal.
Hello Silver Spoon
I started on Madopar in April and have very slowly increased to 25/100 which I have been on since the end of September. It has helped my walking and I can now walk a couple of miles with a normal gait and some arm swing. It hasn t helped my tremor and I have developed mild dyskinesia since being on 25/100. I have more energy but still have neck and pelvic stiffness for which I do daily stretches and have Bowen technique.
But everyone is different and responds in different ways to medication. Do hope it works for you

Best wishes
Forgot to say I take meds at 7am 11am and 4 pm leaving an hour either side of food
Hi Silver Spoon, levodopa is the most effective medication for PD. The side effects are generally minimal,but the beneficial effects can be spectacular. However, there are some patients for whom this drug does not work very well. The minimum starting dose is usually 3 times a day one 125mg (25/100) tablet, like you have been prescribed, but even half this dose works sometimes in the early stages of the disease.
The pharmacy will advise you "to take with food", but this does not have to mean a meal, a biscuit will do (do not take it with a milky drink). This is useful advice if you encounter nausea, but if you can stomach it, take it on an empty stomach as this will give the quickest relief of your symptoms. Levodopa is a protein and competes with the protein in your food for absorption. Also a very full stomach will slow down digestion/absorption.
I have been taking Sinemet (levodopa/carbidopa) since 2005 and find it excellent. I take 10-11 tablets a day, spread over the day, avoiding meals. The effect on my symptoms is spectacular, I feel virtually "normal" when the pills work and totally disabled when not.