Tremor cured

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with Parkinson`s just over 18 months ago - voice issues, tremor on my right side, and some rigidity problems.

During this time I have not had a Trigeminal Neuralgia attack - my last was two years ago.

Unfortunately, I suffered another attack a few days ago - boy, is it painful, it`s no wonder they call it the suicide disease.

I took my medication to relieve the symptoms - ( Carbamazepine )  and HEY PRESTO, I awoke the next morning with no tremor.

This is my second day without any sign of any tremor  -  has anyone else had experience of this , and if so can they tell me how long I can expect to remain " tremorless ".

I threaded a needle for my wife this morning....... how remarkable is that !!




I spoke to soon - my tremor returned this morning.

Well, i don`t suppose I can complain, I had a "  tremorfree " few days.

Ezinda - with your vast wealth of knowledge, have you not come across a similar occurrence relating to tremor and Carbamazepine ? or have I stumbled across a major breakthrough - here`s hoping.

Hi Jacko,

I recall reading about an ambulance worker who had some horrible symptoms of something else as well as PD, and he was treated in an emergency with something that stopped some of his symptoms (possibly the tremor?).

Not sure where or when I read this, possibly 3+ months ago. Sorry to be so vague....