Trikeman fundraising

HELLO all you pders
xmas is getting near and santas coming out of the closet
im going to decorate the trike up with small trailer behind fundraising for pd

allso having xmas tree in ny local towns xmas tree festival at begining dec in the church
keep me on my toes

it will be fun raising excuse the pun

best wishes trikey
Hi Trikeman are you having a stall again this year,If so what sort of things do you sell.You seem busy,busy,busy Angel4ux
Another excuse to dress up Trikey, the santa suit will be dusted down and donned I guess. Good Luck and I hope you raise plenty, you are such a good man!

Hello Trikeman,
Do you need any items for your stall?
Where abouts do you fundraise?
Do you require any help?
Good Luck with the fund raising and maybe I better get some Christmas shopping done what a thought I can't seem to get motivated this year.
Hi all of you,

I find it very difficult to find local shops to accept collection tins. Some supermarkets I wrote to do not even answer me. One of them will only give tokens charity to the customers to put in containers and the supermarket will give the corresponding money only if the charity is local.
I am saddened to see that there are not one Parkinson charity shop in the High Street contrary to Oxfam, Heart chariies shops and cancer shops. Parkinson is still too low profile for the average person to know about it.
No X'mas cards either except on line (no mixed designs in any pack which is a shame).
Also, I feel collection should be all year round not only at X'mas, (not eeveryone is Christian either).

What do you think?

I think that's a great idea, I've never though about why there are no charity shops in respect of PD. I for one would help out in my area and I'm about to clear my loft out, which by the way, is full to the brim of really good items bought during my OCD shopping days. If I had a nearby PD shop they could have made quite a lot just out of my items alone. Great idea!!!
It's why I keep banging on about Parkinsons to anyone who will listen , the more people who know or understand what it might be like to have Parkinsons the better .
In fact if we had known what the symptons were my husband would have been diagnosed years before and maybe he would not have been struggling for as long as he was..