Trouble changing from page to page?

Is anyone else having problems navigating the forum?

It seems to take an age to change from page to page or thread to thread!

Any help or advice would be welcome Mr and Mrs Moderator?

Poker :rolling_eyes:
No probs here, everythings tickety boo :grin:

Maybe your internet provider is on a go slow, Talk Talk by any chance :question:
I have problems with the web site it's always running really slow
with me :rolling_eyes:
Hello all,
Thanks for reporting this problem.

I'm not sure if I can offer too much help based on the information you've given. Slow changing from page to page could be the result of a number of problems, including your internet connection--as Kyloe pointed out.

Basically, when someone reports a problem, we need enough information to try to recreate it here, which is the first step to solving the problem.

I've tried the forum on two different computers with two different internet connections and haven't had the same problems.

Heather and Pokermid, if you continue to have these problems could you send us further details?

My experience has been that the Parkinsons website has always beeen slow. From the original load up to linking anywhere on the site. Its the only site that does it and has been for years now, through several generations of computer efficiency.
i my self have found when lookin for a thread,it says timeout and u have to go through the same process agin ,it very anoyin and has happined to other people ive spoke to,it been goin on for a while now,months,and it has been reported,but still does it every so oftern:smile:
:laughing::flushed: hi i am in france and have to say that the internet connection has never been a problem - until joining this site !!
You get everywhere Sasha lol .. good to see you on here
oops it's C C in cognito lol