Trouble swallowing? Try Raspberry Panna Cotta

My mum has trouble swallowing - unless it's Raspberry Panna Cotta. It's just the right combo of liquid and substance. It is also fattening, which helps to combat weight loss. Not cheap, however.

I could mention the supermarket where you get it, but I am probably not allowed. It is one of the quality ones though.

I love pannacotta, simply because theres something very comforting about it. If buying the premade stuff is too expsensive you could try buying the small kits. They can usually be found with the jellies mixes and make up a huge batch everytime. It's a cheaper way of doing it and it lasts a little longer. (well not if i'm anywhere near it, but you get the idea.)
Sounds as though any food that is the right texture and consistency will do the trick.
I think that's true enough - mousse would be okay too. Or trifle, though the jelly might be trickier. There's a new Champagne Pannacotta in M&S now, but it isn't as good as the other one imo, not quite as tasty.
They're on discount at the moment!

They also work well when having trouble swallowing anything. If liquid is sitting in my mum's mouth, a spoonful of this kind of stuff helps her get her mouth round it for some reason.