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Hello Reah
Just want to thank you for giving so much time to this particular thread and for the very full responses you have given to us individually. Whatever we may think of the ad I does not detract from the fact you have given over a considerable chunk of your time to us this week. Thank you.

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How I see it is that the advert is targeting a particular market, in order to raise awareness of Parkinsons, as well as much needed funding for research etc., and in this respect it may turn out to be very successful ( I sincerely hope so)

Naturally , the PWP’s featured were more than willing to have their problems aired, and the relatively small test audience was also clearly on board, but -

Frankly I don’t think that enough thought /research was put into how the thousands of PWP’s not featured in the advert would react, and that is the major flaw in the design and composition of the advert?


Thankyou for your reply, I had read the other threads and was aware that the advert was “approved” by people with Parkinsons. My point was that at some stage a decision was made on the overarching presentation and tone of the advert and this is where I felt a misjudgement had been made. As I mentioned before I do not want to be pitied but given agency to achieve the most I can despite having PD.

I have read with interest the previous comments and responses. This is my honest opinion of what I have read and what I saw and what it has achieved as far as I am concerned.

I know the recent Parkinson’s UK, advert was not to everyone’s taste and some found it difficult to watch which goes to show how difficult raising our profile as PWP is, and will continue to be the case. Do we need a follow up advert, of course we do, does it need to included text xxx to yyyyyy to donate £ 5, £10, £20 or £50 YES it does. Telephone numbers to donate and for further info? YES, YES.

I write a work blog every year around world Parkinson’s Day. I tell it how its and how it effects me as a person. I also post it to various groups on Facebook, to which I belong to. I have been doing this for 4 years and I tell it warts and all how it has affected not only me, but my family relationships, close friends and work colleagues. I always ask for donations, small scale but it does raise funds, and I signpost people to where they can get more info.

Any way back to the National TV ad campaign. What I will say is the national advert was hard to watch in places and it raised, only some of, the issue faced by our fellow members in a hard hitting way and brought in to the public domain. Was it difficult for me to watch? Yes. Was it upsetting / unsettling to watch? In parts yes. Did it cause concern for my close family, friends and work colleagues? To a degree yes, but it has provoked some frank and open discussions.

I have had lots of family, friends, past and present colleagues telephone me / email since it was aired / shared on social media to ask, how I was and to talk about what they had seen. The one common negative that came out was, it was too shouty and fast in places, but the positive is that it raised awareness and has got people asking questions and talking about Parkinson’s.

To those still reading, Thank you for your perseverance, and you will probably be glad to hear I am nearly finished.

Just as we are all different in how parky affects us and where and how far long we are with our journey, and which ever route, with all it’s twisted and turns it has taken. So will be our views on the negatives and positive outcomes of this campaign, is it a start / step in the right direction?, Well yes of course it is. Was it the right start? Well only time will tell us that and we should all, I hope learn lessons from this for any follow up campaign which must happen.

As is right, we should all be tolerant and respect others views and listen and learn from what has been expressed. But we must all surley agree that we must as a collective group of individuals and as members of Parkinson’s UK come out from behind the shadow of other charities and raise our profile within the public domain. Let’s stand proud an united and with one voice shout out we are, PWP, we are Parkinson’s UK and we need your help and not only donations. But that we want to be treated equally with other groups; in receiving benefits; free prescriptions, disabled railcards , blue badges, PIPs assessments where the assessors actually have an understanding of Parkinson’s, GPs who are engaged and trained as part of our health plan.

To all who contribute to and got the campaign to air, Thank you. To all those taking part in discussions and forums both here and on social media Thank you.

Best wishes to you all
John :sunglasses:

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Interesting posts, thank you. :blush: Jx


I have read all the posts on the ad now(whew!), and have duly forgotten what I read. Such is my memory. I also saw the ad on channel 4, however, and, be it good or bad , it did have a lasting effect. So that I suppose, is a plus. I remember a lot of people,not too happy, and a lot of noise, followed by another less rapid section, followed by a demand for money. Unfortunately, the details have got lost somewhere amidst it all. Perhaps more viewings will make it clearer. Then everyone will be joining in , chanting I Can’t, I Can.
I hope this is the case, as I am aware lots of people have worked really hard, and a lot of money has been spent, to bring this ad together, with the intention of both educating the general public about Parkinson’s and raising money for Research.
Just one final note- please add a please if there is a next time, not just Donate Now! Thank you. EM

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I’ve only seen it once I admit, but my immediate reaction was it was awful. I have had PD for nearly 40 years. I will look it at again, but adverts usually create an initial response/feeling and for me it was negative.

Hi @Tot, :wave:

You’re welcome and thank you for your kind words. I am happy I can help in any way.

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Hi @mike_700, :wave:

Thanks for your feedback.

We also hope that the campaign will be very successful and we want to make as much noise as possible around the campaign. Alongside our campaign activity, like the TV advert and Parkinson’s UK social media, we’re working with a group of Parkinson’s advocates to help us share the campaign once it launches. Together, we can reach more people and raise vital funds for Parkinson’s research.

This is our first time working with our community to share a campaign in this way and we’ve chosen to work with a small group of passionate community members this time. This is so that we can pilot this approach and see what works so that we can learn and do better for future campaigns.

To answer your point about thought/research that went into the ad; as mentioned previously, we also tested the TV ad with a group of people with Parkinson’s - they were a diverse group of people both male and female, ranging in age from mid 40s - mid 70s and people from all four of the nations. They provided feedback on the direction of the overall TV development and script.

Again, we really appreciate your feedback and we’re always looking for ways to improve on the work that we do. If you’re interested in working with us for future campaigns we’d love to hear from you.

Please email [email protected] to register your interest in hearing more.

Best wishes,

Hi @Camargue, :wave:

You’re welcome and thanks again for your feedback, I will share it with my wider team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been trying soooo hard to show uncharterisric restraint and refrain from posting on this thread again but my resolve is never great at stupid oclock in the morning :roll_eyes:.

The advert is out there so it is what it is but I am left wondering how to find out more about proposed marketing campaigns in future and how to be more involved. Emailing the campaigns team does not mean that you will be informed about or selected for any given campaign or project - I have no idea how the whole process works.

Moving forward, it would be great if Parkinson’s UK would open up the reviewing of proposed marketing materials to a much, much wider audience of people living with Parkinson’s Disease before releasing them into the public domain. Any such organisation does, after all, have a great deal of responsibility in terms of the way that it publicly presents all of those who it represents.

I totally respect the passion, commitment and bravery of the people involved in this advert; maybe it will raise the profile of the condition and hopefully it will achieve the desired goal of increasing donations. I very much accept that the point of view of those who support it is just as valid as mine. The difference is that I have had no voice and no representation in something that exposes me very publicly in a way I would personally not choose to be exposed.

I hadn’t realised that this advert was just the start of some bigger marketing campaign! I wait with baited breath :woozy_face:. Jx

p.s. Is there a link to this advert or any information about the wider campaign on the website in order that website users can easily access it? I’m probably being very dozy; I know it must be there but I can’t find it.


Hi @Jackson,

Thanks again for your feedback.

If you’re keen to be more involved in our campaign then I’d suggest you email our marketing team at [email protected] or please feel free to send me your contact details via private message and I will pass it onto to the relevant person.

Also, Do you use other social media or email comms? As we often ask for people with Parkinson’s to be involved through those means, and I’d suggest keeping an eye out on other communications to hear for opportunities to be involved.

We are working on how we can consult with a wider group of people, through a Parkinson’s Panel or something similar which is currently being developed.

Best wishes,

Speaking to a member of our cafe group with young onset, on seeing the advert he felt he was left feeling depressed.

All I can say is well done Parkinson’s UK