Unsure About Posting?

As I am on various forums I know there are guests & people registered who are thinking about posting and never get around to it.
Please do and add to the topics. All forums need fresh blood and its
nice to see the recent newbies.Everybody will get a warm welcome
from this nice forum. I hope other forum members dont mind me as
newbie myself doing this post.:grin:
Hi Robfen,
Keep up the good work. We always need people to welcome and encourage Newbies!
Best wishes.

Thanks Vic and I have noticed alot of Newbies postihg up recently and its nice to see.:grin::grin::grin:
Hi Robfen,
You are right about good seeing newbies posting,but where have the rest dissappeared to?The forum has been very quiet last few days.
Take Care Dot x
Dotty, unfortunately I done post much on this forum anymore, too much confrontation. Anyway, how are you now, feeling any better?
Hi Carol,
I'm feeling bit better thanks,posts and emails helped a lot.I know there are confrontations on here at times but I've met so good people on here.Bit like a family some get on well together some not.I have recieved a lot of help and support.
I'll probably make appointment to see gp still.I didnt manage much sleep last nite,silly worries in my head.Biggest worry was if I would keep up following other cars to a kids footy match today.It funny got other far bigger probs family,sister etc. and I end up staying awake worrying about getting to a footy match,
Hope you are doing ok,
Take Care Dot xxx
Dotty, we do tend to worry about the little things dont we. had son's 18th party on Saturday and was worried about whether there would be enough food and drink and there was, too much. take care, hope you have a good day.
Worry, I was a worrier before pd, worse now, never mind, lets all worry about each other.
Hi Dotty, Carol & Reggie,

I too am a worrier, I wonder is that part of our problem. Since I was diagnosed with PD i try to keep a positive attitude and not worry about the small things. I flood my mind with a little exercise all day and I have found that it works, here goes:-

Count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and click your fingers then say your mantra;


Say this as often as you can and when you can concentrate no more count 1,2,3,4,5,6.

When all those small things start to worry you say your mantra.

Say last thing at night and first thing in the morning also.

Take Care,

Tulip :wink:
Good Morning all. I've noticed that some forum users mention that they don't always get a reply. Although its nice to get a reply. I always look at how many people have took the time to read the post.Some people ,like myself, aren't very computer minder. and I don't always know were the commas or full stops go. But what the hell.If you are unsure about posting ,don't be, lets hear from you .HAVE A GOOD DAY ANGEL4UX
I totally agree Angel. PD isn't exactly well known for people with manual OR mental dexterity, but that doesn't matter. Just get the thoughts, worries, advice, ideas and experiences down for us all to share. We're all in the same boat!