Variations of Parkinsons


My father recently diagnosed with Parkinsons has many of the symptoms.

Every night he acts out his dreams, and has very vivid dreams regularly.
He finds problem solving quite difficult.
doesnt swing his left arm , he has a resting tremor in his left hand.
has suffered from anxiety for the past few years

I'm just wondering if it could be predicted how the pd will progress?
are there differnt types of pd? some which physically affect people more and some more mentally?

so my father seems to suffer from some of the mental and physical symptoms..
hello imagine & welome.
PD symptoms are indeed many & varied, both between individuals and individually. They include all those that you list.
I have come across the idea that PD can be divided into "mainly Motor symptoms" & "mainly Neuropsychiatric", but I don't think that this is generally accepted.
(I may be wrong, & if so I hope that somebody will correct me)
I don't think that it is possible to predict with any certainty the progress of pd.It is so very individual & variable.
I hope that you will find as much support & advice on this forum as I have.
Best wishes to you & your father
may I ask, was your father diagnosed on signs & symptoms alone, or did he have a Dat Scan? Whilst not 100% accurate, this is generally held to be the best available diagnostiac tool
he was diagnosed due to symptoms, had no scan.

Like i say for years he has been suffering from anxiety and over worrying
as well as depression but to be honest there has been genuine things to worry about.

he has always got words muddled and been slurry but this has got worse in recent years.

always been clumsy and tripping up!

but since christmas he has developed a resting tremor and after a while of me bugging him he went to the doctors, who then sent him to a neurologist. He was then diagnosed with Parkinsons and now takes 1mg of Azilect.
Hi imagine

I haven't been diagnosed yet but I think I will be.
I've a tremor in my right hand.shuffle my right foot,have a swollen right salva gland,slowed right down,buttons are a pain,right hand just wont go in a certain direction,I don't swing my right arm,sleep 4 hours a night

I think I would prefer a dat scan instead of word of mouth because I had a neck injury 20 year ago.I'm thinking that could be the problem(been looking on net)

All the best