Waiting for a diagnosis

Hi I’m in the same situation but waiting for my private consultation too. Can I ask if the brain scan is necessary and did it help with the diagnosis? Is there any other things you think I should know going in to he consultation? Thanks

I am 47 went to see dr about stiff shoulder and neck November 21’ also a action tremor all left side, i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hypermobility 6 years ago but never believed it was either of these, ive slowed down over time and stiff as a board very often, also have quite a few non motor symptoms. It was only when i seen my physiotherapist back in February/March (i cant remember, my memory is shocking) that she done some tests and noticed a lot of issues that i learned to live with thinking it actually was fibromyalgia, but neurological issues dont show in fibromyalgia, it was then she sent a referral for Neurologist…so 2 weeks time i will be a little further forward with any luck.

I was diagnosed in 2013 and like you and everyone else i was told 2 months or something like that so asked if i could go private and suddenly the same specialist could see me in a week for £250.00 . That test took about 10 minutes and a walk across the floor for her to diagnose it.

Gary1963. I asked my consultant why I needed a bran scan and he said it’s to rule out anything the scan may find. Mine scan showed no issues

Ive noted that a few posters wait inordinate lengths of time for scan results and consultant lead times. My gp on checking scan reaults,irnconclusive, she told me that waiting times to see consultant were long. She told me it was normal to not start meds until seen by consultant she had a slightly different spproach. Started me on lowish dose of co-careldopa immediately after scsn results. Her words. If i showed improvement then probably was Parkinson’s. I had been on co-careldopa for months before i was seen by consultant. She agreen to my varying med dosages until i found what best suited me. Try negotiating with your gp and consultant. Remember. You are the one suffering not them. However i might have a better rapport with medical staff as i was a paramedic for 30 years and gp trusts me not to do snything stupid . written in sunny italy :it: ,co-careldopa working fine so far.

My husband was waiting to see a Neurologist and with our Health board it is 13 week waiting list, I did enquire about a private consultation but that was actually longer, 15 weeks