Want to help shape future online content for Parkinson’s UK?

In 2018 Parkinson’s UK are looking to adapt and improve the content we offer online to include a wider range of topics and subject areas, by publishing content from charity’s magazine, The Parkinson, online.

As we create and develop the content, as well as the features and functionality that we’d like to incorporate, we want to speak to those affected by Parkinson’s and understand what experiences are like with the existing content online services such as websites and apps so that we can ensure we’re building a product that will meet the needs of our core audience.

This user research is for everyone, even if you only use the internet a few times a month, your insight will be invaluable in helping us to shape not only this current project, but future work we do around the content on the Parkinson’s UK website.

To find out more information and get involved head to: https://goo.gl/pkixVv