Welcome home ali!


Hello Ali sooooooooo glad to see you back here on the forum missed you:grin:
Good news is the cafe is all clean and tidy ready for your return:wink:

love PB XX
Ali, it's so good to see your name back on the forum we all really missed you.
PB has been busy scrubbing and cleaning the cafe so it's spic and spam for you to take over the job of head cook again.

I bet there will be a que out the door for your fry ups.

Love & Hugs
Radz xx
hi all thanks for the welcome back :smile:i missed u all:wink:the cafe will be in service as from NOW:smile::smile:thanks pb for gettin ur scrubbin gloves on :laughing:place looks well ace:smile:,as u all no by now i kept in touch with radar off me mobile from me hospital bed and im very grateful to her for keepin me friends informed:smile:i would like to say a big thankyou to all of u that wished me well on the forum by posts ,and a big thankyou to all of u who sent me get well soon cards to me ward:smile:as u may no by now the surgeon has told me that he can not do any op now to help me its gone to far beyond repair:disappointed:but hey ho story of me life a [::rolleyes:: ive had alot of tears and is very hard to accept i will end up in the chair much quicker than expecteted:disappointed:but u all no me i get kicked down but come through in the end :smile:i may not be able to be helped phisically but im still ali and still have mind:smile::smile:
ali, I love you
luvs u back ab x:smile:
Ali with what you have been through you are and sound much stronger in mind and spirit. More power to your elbow.

It's lovely to see your little smiling faces doting your posts.

I personally think you are a star.....God bless you and take care of you.

Your friend Radz xx
hiya radar :smile:ive cryed a many a tear on the phone over the couple of weeks and u have brought me laugh and spirt to me heart ,made me feel stronger,made me smile:smile:radar i gonna need all that power to me elbows ant i in me chair,need to brum along,but need l plates:smile:i be nockin peoples ankles
you warm the very cockles of our hearts you do.
wecome home.
thankyou mrs,t x:smile:
Ali so glad you are back home, you can see everyone has missed you. Get that frying pan on the go we all need something to cheer us up. Love Maggie
i gettin quite emoutional people sendin there luvs to me,the posts and emails and cards ihave reseved has bin over welmin for me:smile:i duuna no wot i do to deserve shuch great friends,but wot ever it is im glad i doin it:laughing:,maggiethankyou also for ur kindness ,and i deffo get the fryin pan out ,people luv a good old fryup,speacilly ray :smile::smile:
Welcome home Ali, you are an inspiration and your posts always stick out from most, one day i shall queing for a bacon butty..yum Best wishes
Diane x
:smile:hiya drobb dont think ive spoke with u before but thankyou for ur kind wishes and ur welcome for a bacon buttie ,first one on the house :wink:
Ali j, its a great big welcome home from me, as everyone says we all missed you so much,,and I'm so looking forward to a fry up... I send my luv to you, you are such an inspiration to us...
Hi Ali, looking forward to my first freebie,hope you don't charge to much after? I do like a bargain......how about a few offers? Buy a butty get a free tea? Buy two slices of toast (lashings of butter) and have a free latte! What about a B.O.G.O.F?????????? Get chalking up that board!!
Dear Ali welcome back, I am so pleased you are home. You have been greatly missed as nobody can make bacon butties like you!! No really, you always light up the forum whether it is to welcome newbies or getting us all up and moving via the cafe.

I look forward to chatting later

Pebble xxx


hiya nene:smile:thankyou for ur wishes as well means a lot:smile:i think i beter do my first day back in the cafe for brekies on the house,if u pop ur head round the door tomorrow im sure u will smell the sizzlin baccon:wink: