We're seeking a carer to help us welcome new members

Are you a carer who would be interested in welcoming new members?

The issue was recently raised on the forum about how new members are welcomed to the community.

As you all know, it can be quite scary to post for the first time. How people are responded to is incredibly important as well because it is really the first interaction that anyone has with our community and can set the stage for whether they return and how they participate in the future. We need to ensure that we’re welcoming, supportive and that we share or point people to useful information.

I’ve approached a few people who have previously volunteered for the forum, and they have agreed to be part of an informal group or a “welcome committee” to help us greet new members.

We want to ensure that everyone has a response to their first post, and receives help finding their way around the site.

But we still need a carer to join the committee because there are issues that are particular to this group. So, are you a carer and would like to join the committee to help to welcome new members?

If so, please contact us at [email protected].

Though we are still some ways from having a community champions programme in place (see http://bit.ly/GAFpd9), we do hope that this committee is the first step in getting community members more involved in running the forum.

Looking forward,