What alternative treatments, exercise and special diets do you do

It is good to read all these encouraging efforts in facing PD head on.

I had forgotten what it was like to be able to bend over and touch my toes, until I started to exercise (now takes around ten minutes / day) on a daily basis. Rather than ramble on, you can read about the exercises I do here

Dear all, wow! What a load of useful information. I am currently flailing about trying to decide to decide the best way forward for me: dx 2001 and still quite active, but don't have much family support and am anxious for the future. I have read some of Lucille Leader's stuff on diet which I followed for a few weeks & although have not had the discipline to keep it up, have managed to reduce my meds (over the past year, significantly) with no help from the PD nurse, who, nice though she is, doesnt have the wherewithal to arrange holistic care. There appears nothing available on the NHS that gives comprehensive guidance & support with diet, speech, salive & swallowing; dyskenesia, depression, self care and medication adherance (taking your ppills properly; apparently it is a common sign of depression in people with long term conditions. How can we get something going? Chrissie
dear all

all i can say is wow, these posts really give me hope. Just diagnosed recently, I can see hope for a brighter exercise filled and disciplined future, rather than scarey images of increasing disability. I don't want to lose sight of reality, but your stories really are inspiring. Reading about brain plasticity, it makes sense if we make up for what we are losing through extra use, our brains compensate. I think we patients are on to something here :-) This week i was sitting for hours in meetings, and noticed I felt unsteady when i had to walk. The answer seemed to be to keep walking a lot- the unsteadiness wore off. Lesson : walk and keep walking, and then walk some more.
Hi When my h was diagnosed 6 yrs ago, the neuro said nothing would make a difference but h did aryuvedic medicine for 2 year and it slowed the pd and then when he did go on the levadopa the result was spectacular and then neuro says he now has plenty levadopa to go at so methinks it was worth the alternatives and delaying levadopa although dont think neuro would agree with that. Think it was a gamble. sunray
I do not know how true it is?
i have been told the Pope takes Papaya for his Parkinsons.
hi i go to the gym when i can with my carer,it was st up by me gp,so i no it all safe for me,i eat very healthy any way ,and cus im dibetic,have to watch food intake any way .even if some times im in the wheelchair i still use the pedal exercise machine for my feet and ankle joints,and use the lite weights for my arms,to amntain some strengh in them .i have been accepeted for 10 free sessions at birmingham for in tensive therphy ,it was also set up by gp,my first on will be in january,ive had my introduction and they said i fitted into wot they could help me with .so im lookin forward to that very much ,even if im goin to be so shattered ,it will be worth it,im soprts minded,and tryin to keep movin with therpists help is a big thing for me:smile::smile: