What have i missed?

Wow i haven't been on the forum for a while, to be honest i found the some of the topics quite deep and played on my mind! Instead i have been getting on with life, trying new ways of living with this dreadful illness. I've just had my 6month check up with my neurologist and came home feeling upbeat and positive i just wish others felt the same! It seems i have missed a great deal but i recon i would be stressed and angry if i had stayed! Instead i'm starting the gym, planning Christmas, learning new hobbies and meeting long lost friends and making the most of everyday!

Maybe i'll pop on now and then but please introduce some light hearted topics.....please

Big C
guilty as charged sorry
Big C
It is good to hear that things are going well for you. It's probably more accurate to say that you are making things go well by being positive and active.
I don't know how long you were away but there have been some uplifting things here recently.
There is a new London based social group for people with interest in Parkinson's and it was advertised here amongst other places. There was an excellent research conference in York last week which featured various forum members cunningly disguised as normal people, the creative corner continues to show that there is plenty of intelligent life to be found in these parts. All that is above and beyond the most obvious function of the forum which is to provide an anonymous and open area for people new to Parkinson's to get some help to understand how to deal with it.
and there is more
we have our own superheroine. Jellywoman shrugged off her disguise as Katesmum and is campaigning to ensure that wrong doers get their just desserts, oh sweet revenge!
welcome back
hiya big c,i do totaly understand were your coming from,i also felt like this ,ive not been on as much as i used to,i got so fed up of reading rude things to other members on threads,and nothing being done about them,but now as you can see big see the moderaters have made the forum much nicer,no rows between people now as well,which im sure thats why some folks left.as puk are making there forum a beter one for us all it be a good idea to stick around big c,beter threads will be around and planned out much beter than before,the moderaters have listerned to the community members wot we would like to see and have tried hard to try to keep us all happy as can be.we have more new members joining us as well,so need to have positive guide from like a person as your self.hope to see more of you big c.x:smile:
I am new to the forum & all I can say is I have been helped mentally just knowing that there are others out there who actually know how I feel! I have only received positive feedback and such kind & encouraging words from people like Elegant Fowl (sorry, I cannot remember so many other names)who have helped me feel so much better!:grin:
Kind regards
hiya buddy girl welcome to forum,im ali,i had pd 12 years,i 43 years old,im glad you also have had positive feedback from the forum,and meeting nice people .its horrid to have pd,but very nice to no we not alone and there is lot people out there to give us comfort and advice.hope to see more of you around the forum x:smile:
Thanks for all your replys i really apreciate all your comments.

gordon - sorry if i annoyed you, i was just expressing how i felt. I was afraid in the past to express my feelings because of the feed back - sorry!

elegant fowl - thanks for the update i really have missed a lot! Looks like things are changing!

ali j - it's lovely to hear from you, i know how much you try to help others even though you have gone through teribble times in the past. Its reassuring to know you feel the same. Iwas beginning to wish i hadn't posted my thoughts! Hope your keeping well?

Buddy girl - i'm pleased you are finding the forum really helpful, don't get me wrong i have been helped in the past and have found some really nice members, mabe it is me feeling paranoid ! Thanks for your reply.
Hi big c ypur welcome to let all emotions out on here.thats wot its about others here to help you.xbig hugx.and as for me big c.gallbladder got to comebout.moms back in hospital and im back to me praying.and police have got the nan who attackedbme with help from me doing a picture line up.
Hi Big C - please don't stop saying how you feel, as ali j says, that is the whole point of the forum, being able to express yourself! - I just wanted to let everyone know how glad I am to have someone to turn to. Anyway, a big hi to you and ali j & I look forward to reading more of your posts!:grin: