What is happening?

During the past couple of weeks I have nearly fallen several times. I seem to be tripping over my own feet and getting in a tangle. On the whole I have managed to save myself by grabbing onto something - a door handle, or a piece of furniture. Is this a common thing with Parkinsons? Any suggestions as to how to prevent it getting worse will be much appreciated.


Hi Audrey,

Yes, I do believe its very common.
I have the same problem, especially in confined spaces such as doorways. It seems worse when I am turning around, my feet seem stuck to the floor and end up stuttering trying to move off.
My Physio says try moving your weight from side to side if you are sticking
The only thing that helps me is to slow down when trying to turn (even though I am going slow to start with)
Do you find you are stopping short by half a step say when you approach the kitchen sink or that may be just me?
Hope this helps.


Hi Audrey sorry to hear your having problems i have had a few falls so far only cuts and bruises i bump into door frames regularly and struggle to judge distance from objects like my late dad i,m now on stick i guess a walker is next and have just got his scooter back on road .there are aids to help you just have to except things change i know it,s hard don,t give in
Petec keep safe

Thanks for the tips malcT. There is no possibility of me stopping when approaching the kitchen sink - I don’t do that any more at all. But you are absolutely right about the problems when turning. I think I just need to engage brain a bit earlier, rather than wait for the problems to happen.

I am seeing my neuro physio tomorrow so will get some further advice from her.

Many thanks


Hi Peter

I have been using a walking stick since at least 1989 (arthritis) and also have a walker. However they are both incined to encourage stooping, which I want to avcoid if at all possible. I have invested in a pair of Urban Poles - like Nordic poles but with a shelf bit at the top so that you can push upwards and remain more erect. I am not fiding it too easy to get used to them, but I can see that they do make a difference. The problem is not having a spare hand to carry anything. But I’ll try anything if I think it makes a difference.

That’s what I keep doing don’t know how to stop falling. Started physio to help with my walking.
This maybe something you could try too.

Hi @Knine,

Unfortunately, loss of balance and falling affects many people with Parkinson’s which is why we have an entire section on it here, https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/falls-and-dizziness. We have some tips on how to reduce falls and dizziness that may be useful to you.

We also have a the pdf version here, https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/puk-live-1-d8-ie/2017-07/Falls%20and%20Parkinson’s%202016%20(WEB).pdf, if you’d prefer to print it.

Best wishes,

Sorry Audrey, I must have fallen asleep !

Some great advise coming in I see.

I hope tomorrow goes well with your neuro physio.


Hi Reah

Thank you for pointing nme to the right doc ument - it made very interesting reading and I will try to put some of the hints into practice.

Many thanks again

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Hi @Knine,

You’re welcome.

I’m glad you found the pdf useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,

I have the same problem, freezing, sticking to the floor, speeding up and almost running on my toes. My legs go really stiff and it takes a few attempts to stand up. I have a walking stick and now we are discussing a transit wheelchair! I’m only 65 and should be out and about, but I feel more like 105 and feel so weak.
This has only started in the last few weeks. I’m seeing my consultant tomorrow so I’ll se what he says.