What is the reason for titrating up

I will ask this question next weeks Q&A but thought people here would probably have answers.

My husband has been prescribed madopar and the suggestion is that the dose is doubled every week until it gets to 8 mg. Why? Is a week long enough to assess benefit of a dose? I understand smaller doses can be effective.

Has anyone got any ideas/ feedback?


Hi Parkwife

Are you sure it is Madopar ?

i take Madopar and my starting dose was 62.5 mg  3 times a day i then titrated up to 125mg  3 times a day but now due to meds wearing off after 3 hours i take 125mg 4 times a day , as symptoms progress your husband will need to add more medication to effectivley control his symptoms  as everyone with pd is different your husband will find out by titrating up and down his meds as to what dosage is effective for him .

Yes. It also helps the body tolerate a dosage that might not be tolerated all at once. Titrating down similarly weans you off a drug slowly in cases where going cold turkey can lead to problems.