What walking aids do you use if any?

I hope this is the right place to post this question.
I am interested to know what walking aids you use if any that includes any to help keep your balance
At present I use crutches but it’s becoming more difficult to walk with them and keep my balance so looking for something else.
That’s why I thought I would ask you lovely people
for what you found best and helpful.
I am 57 female have COPD and rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia
Thank you

My balance is still generally very good and I do not use walking aids on a day to day basis. However, I was referred to the Surgical Appliance Dept at the local hospital as I do not lift my left foot smoothly. They supplied a device called AFO -Ankle Foot Orthosis extra strong which is basically a thin plastic insole complete with a section that comes behind your calf and fastens round the top of your calf with a Velcro strap. It works very well when walking over rougher ground and helps prevent scuffing your toes into the ground and/or losing your balance. They also supplied a simpler device that has a strap above your ankle linked to a strap under the shoes tongue by an elasticated strap. It performs the same function but I prefer the first item.

If you need crutches these may not be sufficient but it may be worth looking into.

Best Wishes.

Must be worth trying a walker/triwalker/rollator – they have so many different names. I could not get used to a stick, my biggest problem is balance and a stick made it worse by only supporting me on one side. I have a triwalker on loan from local NHS which I find best for getting on and off buses, and a rollator I bought from the Parkinsons catalogue which is best if walking longer distances because you can stop and use it as a seat.
best of luck

Thanks Mosie
I use 2 crutches but am struggling with them so I have got a rollator so will see how that goes and talk to my parkinsons nurse when I have my first appointment in a couple of weeks.