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Bit of background. I was diagnosed with PD aged 35. Not as massive a shock as you may think, as I'm the 3rd generation of my family with PD. Grandfather (diagnosed aged 70), Father (aged 54), then me, both have now 'passed on'. I continued working etc, until last September 2011, since then I've been off sick from work. My employers have been very understanding, I did notify them when diagnosed.
I'm now nearly 40, and well what do I do??
What can I claim??
How do I claim??
As for who, I have spoken to Parkinson's UK adviser, he was very helpful. I spoke with him about 1 year ago, but whilst I was working still I couldn't claim anything. He did say when I look to give up work to ring him back, which I will do, but I thought I'd firstly see if anybody has previously asked these questions, any advice will be a help
Hello Alfie Welcome to the PD forum you have come to the right place, lots of good people hear what you say. I am 73 had PD about 2 yrs my first stop was this helpline 0808 800 0303 above, please ring they are very nice people. also if you look at other post you will soon get the answers you want.
cheers fir now and take care.
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Hello Alfie. Sorry to hear of your predicament. When statutory sick pay runs out you can claim Incapacity Benefit as well as Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
Parkinson's UK helpline should be able to advise you. You could also speak to your local Information and Support worker who can help you with filling in forms etc.

Good luck. Chris
hi ya alfie,i think the folks above have answered about benifits to ya,so i shall just welcome you to the forum,and i hope you get all your benifits sorted out,lots of surport here on puk,and i hope to see more of you around:smile:im ali by the way been dx for 11 years and im 42 years old x:smile:
Hi all. Where do I start ? Lets try back in 2001 in the doctors consulting room
I am trying to explain my symptoms mostly those which affect my ability to play my instrument and keep up with fellow band members.I have been playing bass guitar in various dance bands and jazz combo's for thirty + years,over the previous 6 months I was fluffing riffs and solo's that I normally play without thinking and leaning new numbers took an age.Does this sound familiar ? My doctor noted that 18 months previously I had cause to visit him complaining of a "frozen" shoulder. No messing with this guy he was 99% sure as to what the problem was. He gave me a prescription which I took to the chemist where my.OH worked,handed the script to the pharmacist who read it and then gave me a look which stopped me dead in my tracks.......the rest they say is history.
Almost 11 years on I am still playing my bass and trying to play keys but only as a depp for rehearsals in a soul and tamla band,they are a great bunch of guys who understand my problem.
I gave up working 5 years ago as a self employed comms engineer.I also had a part time job as a stage lighting technician at the local theatre.
I keep myself occupied by cycling to my allotment and diy around the home
If retirement is what you need do it.
As well as contacting the above number, go to your local citizens advice bureau and spell it out.
Welcome to the forum.
Hello alfie,
If it is financial claims you are asking about and you live in the UK, you need to contact your local DWP ( Department of Works and Pensions) They will point you in the right direction and send you the necessary (long) forms. Contacting your local Occupational Department ,either via your your GP or directly can also be helpful . I know that things re benefits for people unable to work have changed drastically in the UK over the last year or so. The PUK helpline is invaluable as is your local CAB
I wish you the best of luck.
Thanks all,

Amazing great help, even though its only words, all seems a little clearer. Although I am going to start up my own little home based business.

Thanks again all.