Wheelchair advice


My Dad has recently been provided with a fantastic made to measure wheelchair and to allow us to take him out further than a walk round the block I am looking at power packs.

I’ve been provided with a booklet with 3 providers, had a look on their websites and I am at a loss which is the best buy.

The wheelchair he has is a Action 4 model and we’re looking for a wheeled power-pack that will attach under it.

Any advice, experience or help for my research would be greatly appreciated. It’s a lot of money to spend with zero knowledge on the products.

Thanks in advance


This may get you started or at least asking the right questions! Can the service that provided the wheelchair not help you?
Good luck.

I would like to recommend Elenker Upright Walker for seniors because this walker is easy to carry and seniors feel very comfort using this walker. This guide may also help seniors to find the best choices and choose what they are looking for.