When you first noticed the symptoms.


I am diagnosed with RBD, one of the “gateways” to PD. I already do many (but not all) of the recommended things. No alcohol, no smoking (have never even tried one), lots of hard exercise, aside from the chocolate, I don’t eat many carbs (need to get the choc count down!).

I am wondering if the very occasional tremors I experience are indicators. They occur usually when doing something intricate - such as trying to manouvre a screw in to a difficult to access hole: I get a slight tremor in one or two fingers. And for example, right now as I type this message, as I rest my little finger above the key, it has a slight tremor. It feels as if I focus hard on it with my mind, I should be able to stop it - but it doesn’t. It just keeps on. I’m noticing these tiny almost inconsequential incidents are happening more frequently.

Also, I am constantly walking in to a room to get something, forgetting what I went in for and then having to re-trace my steps to give me a clue. Even this doesn’t always work.

I’m a software consultant, so my job is fairly cerebral. There’s a lot of thinking and understanding of concepts. I’m finding I have to read, re-read and re-read again paragraphs of explanatory text to get it to stick. And it leaks out of my brain pretty quickly these days. In the past, I’d learn something new and it’d take say 5 years before I’d “lost it” (assuming I hadn’t touched that technology in the intervengin time). Now it’s a matter of weeks or days.

Finally - I have to give a lot of presentations. Somebody will ask a question which I’ll answer and then I forget the point I am making in the middle of it. I find myself saying to the audience “what was I saying?”… Sometimes this is quite embarrassing…

Is this how it started for anybody else?



It’s not really wise to self diagnose.
I think that almost anyone if a certain age could identify with the incidents you describe.
For me my writing getting smaller,an inability to use my right hand to separate and remove things from my pocket,some balance issues when bending forward and walking backwards,couldn’t turn over in bed,getting up in the night to pee a lot,insomnia,cramps in my legs,disappearance of sex drive…or any kind of drive really,lethargy.
These are just some that I remember.
Biggies now are difficulty getting up from a seated position, weight gain,tiredness,heavy legs, dry mouth,sluggishness,drifting away mentally.
Lots of different things.