Where are you all

Good to see some of the "old" names appearing on this thread.I'd love to get back to the way the forum used to be with lots of banter, support and sometimes a heated debate or two. I know full well that there are a large number of people "lurking". I've tested the water a couple of times and was underwelmed by the response which was a bit disappointing. Should we start a "reunion" thread?

Its not just the newbies who need to feel welcome.
Nice to hear from you tootsie.l missed your posts hope you are going to stay. Angel 4ux
Btw. What happened to Ray of Sunshine? He was always one of our most vocal forum members.
Hi Angel. Nice to hear from you. Have had some health issues (seizures) so haven't been around the forum much lately but feeling a lot better so I decided to give it another go.Hope some others decide to do the same.

Cheers, Tootsie XX
Had a bit of a rough time then Toots .glad you are back though ..

Yes ,where are you Ray?
I'm not ray, and I'm over here. Adrift in a sea of 6000 + forum mmembers.
tootsie,it nice to see you back on the forum,i do hope your feeling much beter x:smile:
I know you are Eck I searched for you are sugar mountain but could not find you . Best wishes
I'm not there. I'm wearing my where's wally suit. I'm still feeling a bit jippy after my bowl of porridge kanineious.
Now I enjoyed reading your post. This is my first time of writing and I'll say hello written with a very shaky right hand and my foot tapping without hearing the music:) Are we allowed to say I'm cheesed off and bugger - my arm aches?
Mrs Inglby a very warm welcome to the forum.Yes you are allowed to say ...... I'm sat here watching football,my arm aches also,,I'm afraid it's self inflicted ,holding a large glass of wine .Regards Angel4ux
I ssseeeeemmm tto beee a bit sshakkkey tt hhis mmorrningg. BBuggerr!!:cry: