Why does this happen?

I'd been feeling quite good all last week (despite having a cold) and then yesterday, suddenly out of the blue I felt as though I'd had the life kicked out of me. No warning, no gradually feeling tired, I just went from being fine and getting on with stuff to feeling like I had flu or something. 

I still feel rough today. I had a perfectly nice weekend, did nothing out of the ordinary. This is so infuriating!

Hi Tabbycat

 I have had that happen many times,.Usally at night before bed.I told my doctor he recommended more streching pd exercises on a regular basis.It has helped alot.

Last summer though i was very active,going down to my boat and going fishing with my dog .Tasha.

I hardly had much concern for PD.LOLBest RX for PD is keep moving and stay postive and enjoy life by helping others but with balence.

I have a good time Ive asked others but few takers ,people today are so nervous they cant stand being out on the water very long.

I would give it a day or two unless something drastic changes,stay calm and avoid self diagnosiing.

Hope you feel better



Thanks John. I do keep moving and do quite a lot of exercising. 

I know it will turn around and I'll go through another phase of feeling good, I just wish I had some sort of control over it.