Woke up Vibrating?


Still on the path for diagnosis… Neuro hadnt given me dx but when i called his receptionist to chase prescription I was told “It is very vital you stay on this medication being newly diagnosed with Parkinsons” I am still waiting for my next appointment to have this confirmed.
My new symptom is that i awoke this morning after dreaming that I was having a seizure to find that my body was indeed vibrating in the real world. It wasnt quite as quick as a vibration… more a washing machine on full speed vibration if that makes sense. (it’s ok you can laugh at my description, I wont take offence. :slight_smile: )
Is this common?? I get Vibrating in my legs a lot and is felt more often when i go to bed. But what happened this morning completely wore me out and I fell back to sleep shortly afterwards.
Sorry for my ramble, just wondered if it is possible a Parkinson’s thang??