Work Adjustments made by employer

Rigidity and stiffness mean it is not easy for me to carry heavy items.  I have asked our health and safety executive to arrange for paper to be delivered to my nearest printer rather than to another printer on the other end of the floor but was told this was not possible and that i had to ask a colleague to get paper.  This makes me very uncomfortable and open to criticism of being lazy or a scrounger.  I therefore finish by carrying the paper myself as saying to irate lawyers that they will have to wait for paper until a colleague is available is not an option.  I cannot believe that such a simple adjustment is not possible.  Any advice as to how to approach this with my employer again.

Your employers sound very inconsiderate.

However, before involving your union and getting into a dispute, perhaps you could compromise by asking them to provide an appropriately sized wheeled trolley?

My husband always asks to push our supermarket trolley as he says it helps him to walk!

Best wishes