World Parkinson’s Day 2022 - Talk about Parkinson’s Poetry Thread!

THE LONE NEURON: start of a journey

I’m a little neuron, and I have lost my way,
All my friends have disappeared, gone away today.
No transport can I find, to see where they have gone,
The transmitter now is late, hope it won’t be long.
I must reach the terminal, see if they are there,
For this brain here, it needs us, begs now for our care.
I am very worried that something has gone wrong,
My family SN neurons does not come along.
We need to work together, to produce dopamine
The only way to do, is working in a team.
Just one missing piece, and the job cannot be done,
Everything will fall apart - PD has begun.


ElleMac, that is wonderful!

My name is William and I was diagnosed with PD in 2012 at the age of 47.
One Day is a voyage of personal experience through PD, penned to increase awareness and an attempt to describe how PD impacts both mentally and physically on the patient.

One Day

by William Stafford

One day you wake up feeling dizzy from a heavy night before
The next you’re finger’s shaking stuff’s dropping on the floor.

One day you’re being treated for what’s essential tremor
The next you’re told its Parkinson’s and you won’t be getting better.

One day you are invincible and in the peak of health
The next you truly realise that this indeed was wealth.

One day you’re in the prime of life and planning for the future
The next your world is shot to hell your plans now down the sewer.

One day you rise up with the sun and always on the go
The next you stumble out of bed, and everything is slow.

One day you’re doing everything so strong and independent
The next relying on your spouse and being their dependent.

One day you help around the home and do your fair share.
The next your partner feels aggrieved that they’ve now become your carer.

One day you’re taking remedies for coughs, colds and flus.
The next it’s pills for breakfast and lunch and dinner too.

One day you are the popular one that people want to meet.
The next the poor patient as they gossip in the street.

One day your phone is ringing texts flying to and fro
The next a deafening silence…………as no one wants to know.

One day your friends will stop you and ask you how you are?
The next you’re like a leper being avoided from afar.

One day you are the joker that makes them laugh out loud
The next you’re in the darkness your head stuck in a cloud.

One day you’re really active down the gym and on your bike.
The next you battle with fatigue and limbs that feel lead-like.

One day you jump up from your chair and walk around with ease
The next you can’t get through the door as your body starts to freeze.

One day you’re thinking clearly and focused on the job
The next your thoughts are clouded by drug induced brain fog.

One day your work is envied, and you’re patted on the back
The next your being criticised accused of being slack.

One day you are the vocal one the speaker, the addresser
The next you’re being quiet can’t string two words together.

One day you’re doing crosswords puzzles and sudoku
The next you can’t remember names of the folks that you bump into.

One day you go out on the town can easily hold your own
The next you have one glass of wine and must call a cab for home.

One day you are an extrovert the party’s life and soul
The next you are the sober one always the first to go!

One day you jump into the car go where you want to go
The next your licence been revoked, and driving is a no.

One day you travel on your own without a second thought
The next you’re anxious and afraid in case you’ll have an “off”.

One day you’re unassuming, not even worth a mention
The next accused of being drunk and drawing folk’s attention.

One day you sleep right through the night not waking up till dawn.
The next plagued by insomnia and all you do is yawn!

One day you are a confidant, the family power line
The next they’re forced to watch you fail and fall into decline.

One day this is degenerative and can only go one way
The next they’ll make a breakthrough and this nightmare goes away!


Hi Everyone,
I have just joined the forum.
You are doing such wonderful work to raise awareness for this important cause.
My lovely Dad has Parkinson’s.
I wrote this poem, “I am Parkinson’s” to mark World Parkinsons Day and for my Dad,

I am Parkinson’s…

I shuffle but not 'cause I’m dancing,
I dribble but not with a ball,
I shake but I’m no Elvis,
I stoop but not cause I’m tall.
I’m cold even when its hot,
I sleep but not at night,
I get inside your brain cells
and work with all my might.

Where once you could solve problems
I’ve taken that away,
I’ve made the simple complex,
I’m clever that way.
I like to make you dizzy
and turn your voice down low,
Just when you think you’ve cracked me
I’ll have another go

Sometimes I make it hard to walk
I make you feel quite drunk
I steal your flexibility
And make your mind go blank
I turn your muscles stiff,
and take away your smell,
I make your writing super small
and help you feel unwell

But I can never take your humour
I can never take your “you”,
I can never take the love you have
from all those who surround you.
I cannot take the memories
of all the things you are
to all the ones who love you
who live both near and far.


Lovely poem, CarolinaW. You tell it just like it is, even with the “happy” end. Your dad is a lucky man to have you. EMx

Twas in my early fifties, that I first noted the tremmah
Something wrong, but what? I was looking for an answer
The doc was none the wiser, to a neurologist he’d refer
His diagnosis quite precise – definitely parkinson’s, no other

The neurologist, a charming man, of apology he was full
I didn’t understand the fuss – it’s just a tremor, that is all
Then he told of 40 symptoms – which may well come to call
Welcome to the Parkinson’s Pick n Mix stall

I may lose weight, or more likely gain it
Whatever came in life, to Parkinson’s attribute it
The missus hoped it could improve my wit
But it didn’t, not a bit

Instead I could expect….Muscle stiffness, poor posture, balance, speech problems, handwriting…the consultant came up for air and I saw my chance - otherwise OK? I quipped?

So life is over? Not a bit! it’s just getting interesting for me
Every problem is also an opportunity you see
Volunteer for everything and see how busy you can be
You’ll find many friends in the Parkinson’s family.


The day Mr P came to stay

“So you have Parkinson’s” the consultant said

His words were spinning around in my head.

What does this mean? What will I do?

This really can’t be true!

I knew nothing about Mr P,

Yet we were about to embark on a journey,

A journey together, forever.

The start of this journey was incredibly lonely,’

Despite having the love and support of a wonderful family.

“I’ll fight this PD!”

Determination and resilience oozing out of me.

But the fight was tough,

And there were times when I felt like saying ‘enough is enough!

Then one day I happened to read

Something so powerful that changed my ‘take ’on Parkinson’s disease

‘Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation it means understanding that something is what it is and there’s got to be a way through it.’

It’s incredibly hard to accept that Mr P is here to stay,

And if I could I would send him away.

Acceptance was the turning point for me,

And from that day I embarked on a different journey.

A journey as part of the Parkinson’s community,

And although we’re at different stages of our journey,

My journey now is definitely not as lonely.

‘I have Parkinson’s’

Accepting this is definitely not easy,

But I’m working my way through it, slowly but surely.

My acceptance does not mean resignation,

Instead it fills me with sheer determination.

So that was the day Mr P came to stay,

He’s still here and he’s certainly not going away.

I’ve accepted this now and I’m working my way through it,

With the love and support from my family,

And people and professionals from our Parkinson’s community.

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I am so very positive
But not about PD
I see no cure arriving here
Well, not in time for me
Nor in time for the most of us
Who suffer this day now
It is only hopeful dreaming
That one is found somehow.

I am so very positive
That what I say is right
The only thing I now can try
Is painful symptoms fight.
Exercise and keep on going
I tell myself each day
Forget the pain that’s always there
It sure is here to stay.

I am so very positive
Despite what I write down
So lucky to have family
Who always stick around
They mean much more to me than I
Ever did think they could
And so they keep me on my toes
It’s positively good.


Just a little something I put together.

It won’t get the better of me
This thing they call Parky
I still have a life
With my beautiful wife
I still have things to do and see.

Old Parky has slowed me down
But I’ll not be wearing a frown
I can’t walk very fast
Nearly always coming in last
No one said ‘twas a race into town.

I used to love doing DIY
Also cooking and baking a pie
But parky has stopped that
I can’t even brush a mat
But can still poke Parky in the eye.

Inside I still feel the same
But old Parky will not play the game
So now I’m changing the rules
I’m picking up and using other tools
It’s my life is the name of the game.

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s one day
So that’s why my arm shakes, okay
With a stiff upper lip
I said get a grip
Parkinson’s is going to pay.

What new tools do I have in my pocket?
Not a hammer or spanner or socket
I use crutches to walk
Singing groups to talk
For my brain, puzzles help to unlock it.

I sign up to take part in trials
And join events to walk many miles
I do what I am able
So I can sit at the table
And tell Parky you won’t take our smiles.

With the help of my new chums
Brothers, sisters, dads, and mums
We will all unite
In this long hard fight
And show Parky, we’re banging the drums.

It won’t get the better of me.
This thing they call Parky
I’ll sing, walk and shout
Until I’m worn out
But I won’t let Parkinson’s get the better of me.

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