10 things that really helped

Hi everyone,

I have one of my uncles who got diagnosed with Parkinson, and we are trying to think about new ways to have him everything he needs and more at home.

Do you have, in mind, any accessories, technologies, applications etc., that really made a difference? I will be very grateful for your help. Thank you :slight_smile:

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As someone who has recently been diagnosed i have found the following gadgets useful.

First from all I have read it seems that the only thing that can slow the progress of P is keeping up a level of fitness. I have set myself a minimum target of 10000 steps a day. To measure this I have a Fitbit type watch with a step counter and if at the end of the day I haven’t got there I can go up and down the stairs until I reach my target. Watches like this are very cheap nowadays. With regard to exercise I intersperse this with more strenuous exercise when I can but each person needs to set their target according to their own health and condition. For another person the target could be 5000 steps or fewer. I would also count other activities as equivalent to steps. For example an hour’s gardening or housework I count as 5000 steps. So my first gadget is a step counter.

My second gadget is an Amazon Alexa. We have several of these dotted round our house. One of the effects of Parkinson’s is lapses of memory (for me anyway) so I have set up reminders for things such as when to put the bins out. You could also have reminders for medication etc. Another use we have for it is to drop in on our grandchildren when they have come back from school. This drop in feature could be used to drop in on someone with P who might have difficulty with a phone (although some people might find it a bit creepy to hear a disembodied voice suddenly speaking out).

Anyway hope all goes well with your uncle.

Regards Mark

Hello Noelineb, Mark DD makes some useful comment that you may wish to follow up however you ask a very broad question to which the is no definitive answer as Parkinson’s affects everyone differently. It would help if you could tell us a little more about your uncle for example how long has he had his diagnosis and how is the getting on generally, are the particular areas of concern, does he work or have hobbies, does he know you have contacted the forum etc etc. Sorry to seem like the Spanish inquisition but basically anything you can tell us would be helpful in trying to answer your question and hopefully you will end up with some ideas that will fit.
He’s lucky to have you looking out for him. I will look out for your reply and post further if I can help. Hope that makes sense if not post your question and I will do my best to explain.