12 months since early onset diagnosis, how it's been

I was diagnosed 12 months ago at the age of 42. What lead to a diagnosis was a dragging right foot. Other symptoms included stiffness and slowness on my right side but no tremor or shaking.

This is what has happened (or what I have noticed) in the last 12 months, in this order.

Started on Sinemet and Mirapex not long after diagnosis.
Effexor increased, I’ve been on it for years.
Early in the year I felt my gait and right hand dexterity getting a bit worse. Drugs increased and Amanatadine added which helps a lot.
Did LSVT Big, very helpful.
Started learning piano again to help the stiffness in my right fingers.
Orthostatic hypotension becoming more problematic and prescribed fludrocortisone, but I don’t regularly take it.
Had haemorrhoid banding, have had IBS type issues for a long time and I think related to PD.
Had dry needling done on back, shoulders and calves for stiffness, very helpful.
Noticed my mouth starting to hang open, the pd nurse said it’s the hypomimia.
Had a cold and noticed it was making me walk a lot slower until I recovered.
Having some sleep issues (nothing new) and prescribed melatonin.
Aware of some cognitive changes, like not being able to easily tally numbers in my head like I used to.

So yes I have been having a few issues this year but otherwise things are more or less the same. My life hasn’t changed at all, I work, I do everything I used to do, just these annoying symptoms. I also have mood swings (not good for my marriage) but I think I’m getting them under control. Anxiety is also an issue. I am expecting a second child very soon so hopefully that will keep my mind off all of this.