12 years on 0.5mg clonazepam,1- 4 times a day still am

Hi my username is Drumard, loss of co ordination 2020 early, leg movements/feet, my thoughts
did have a hand tremor, not a lot.
23/10/2019 had Lumbar Sacral surgery L1/L5 / S1 Laminectomy, decompression, and blood transfusion.
post-op went into a confused state and wild agitation, My thoughts was on prior to surgery for over 10 years 952 medications a month .
238 a week over 10 years.
Have done it all, let down by my GP, also University Hospital 23/10/2019, tried to cover up as to medication ignore? They Post-op called in a dementia nurse specialist, who said I had Dementia
/Alzheimer’s 29th October 2019,on neurology ward 43, this was made up to cover medications used.
She put me on 5mg Donzepril increasing to 10 mg Donzepril,/ the Dementia Nurse made me out that I needed to look after by a team at home, and my wife moves out?
My wife refused this, but this was Dementia Nurse’s Specialist’s preferred option, and didn’t work the cover-up. Then at age of 75 years, I had a Bedford college Pre Assessment Cognassist test, Digital studies pass, as follows, Visual perception 87% / Verbal reasoning 109 % /
Verbal memory 86 % / None verbal memory 95% / literacy 88% / Executive function 76% /
50% above average for age and gender Cognassist /student expires 08/23, Well what do you think?

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It sounds like you’ve had quite the journey with your condition and some of the things that you’ve mentioned are concerning. I’m not entirely sure what type of support you’re looking for; however, you may benefit from speaking to someone about your situation in more detail via our free and confidential helpline where one of our advisers can offer you some support.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

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