15 years on

I’m Steve age 51 and been diagnosed since 2005. It’s been a long time since I was last on this forum but 15 years since diagnosis I am still living with PD and not letting it get the better of me just yet! I’ve had dbs every type of drug almost I struggle to walk on occasions but my Pips application said there was virtually nothing wrong with me so I must be OK lol nice to be back!

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I have had Parkinson’s for 13years have dbs for 8yrs on 43 tablets a day on sinemet, entacapone, azilect,amantadine, sinemet cr.Do you get a Parkinson’s support worker to help fill your forms this is the best way, also take pictures of all meds on table, and pictures of deep brain operation all of your mobility aids in house ie hand rails, stair lift ,disable bathroom everything you also need to photograph all paperwork copy’s send recorded delivery and when you fill forms in you must do your worse day ,do not try and fill these forms in yourself go to your citizens advice bureau. But the best way is to get your local pduk support worker you can phone pduk to find your closest one then you should be OK :ok_hand:

Hi Steve, Gus is right . If you can get help to fill your Pip form in the do so and Appeal. My husband told them how he was up and down and how he was at worst and he was successful in getting the

Hi, I found that if you keep your answers short and sweet it helps.

As Gus said fill the form in with a PD nurse, citizens advice person or if that’s not possible then answer the questions as if you’re on no medication or your worst possible day.

I would definitely appeal against their decision. Good luck