17 days now

Been away for 17 days now in the campervan
Hi Rubbish
have you gone far?

And - yes that's a very good question - see how the day unfolds . The car park where I stay is very good at football , just enough slope to kick the ball up & it returns to me . Got stuck in mud twice but great for getting moving
Been down to street , Somerset to play pool . Played world no.5 - lost 30-0 approx
Take it you have internet so can chill out on here if it rains.
There's a certain vulnerability to being out on your own -,but I just can't think why I could be percieved as such a threat for them to feel vulnerable .
Some places try to move you on - or off their premises as quick as p am oss. As if I carried black death . But i am only sweet little innocent Paul ! I think a parcel marked annthraxu would be more welcome . But this only happens on my own - never a problem when with someone
Frankly I think its the UK thats like that. All the best.
30 days away & gettIng to lIke It a lIttle more , somtIme get bIt lonely but fee l more alIve mostly
Hi Rubbish,
I assume from your postings that you are touring with a camper van or caravan. If so I do hope the weather perks up for you.
Yes Its 25 yr old merc 207d camper , doIng It up a bIt , makIng more parkInson frIendly InsIde . Had It 6 month now . Weather good now In somerset