1st Anniversary of diagnosis

I woke up this morning not sure whether to laugh or cry. Exactly a year ago today I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I decided to celebrate it with a nice bottle of red. It is what it is.
I would expect the day of diagnosis is something that most people don’t forget. How do you guys deal with it when it comes to anniversaries. A day of reflection or insignificant?

I will have had PD for 5.years this November. I will never forget the day I was told. I will never ever celebrate getting this awful disease which has robbed me of so much and changed me so much. I also have had rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years and the same goes for that.

Hi Babswood, totally get it, perhaps celebrate is the wrong word, more recognition of the day. I remember every second of that time with the neurologist. After that and the drive home was a blur.

Anyway enjoy your bottle of red.!!!
Babs x

I actually had my second neurologist appointment on the anniversary of diagnosis. I was celebrating to some extent though because when I was first diagnosed I thought my life would be changed completely but, in fact, one year on and nothing much has changed.

I know it was round about this time of year when I finally got a confirmed diagnosis, but I don’t remember the actual date. It was such a relief to finally know what it was that was going wrong. One doctor had made me feel I was one of the worried well and should get over retirement and empty nest fears and go away and shut up.

Not a day to ignore that’s for sure. I remember very clearly the moment I realised something really was very seriously wrong with my husband. We were on holiday at the time and I’d worried intermittently for 2 or 3 years but nothing like this, surely even my husband could no longer pretend there was nothing wrong. That will always be the key memory for me, the feeling of fear as I realised my beloved husband had a neurodegenerative condition of some kind.

That was June 2017 and fast forward to July 2018 when we were phoned by my husband’si neurologist to tell us his DaT scan was abnormal thus confirming some form of parkinsons. It was the eve of our wedding anniversary and a moment of reflection for us that we are also unlikely to forget. Oddly, despite a really difficult 12 months to reach this point, the fear has gone with us both now on the same page dealing with it. As you say, it is what it is.

Diagnosis day for me was more of a confirmation day.
I had been ignoring the symptoms for about three years.
I knew roughly what was coming.
My world changed forever.

My diagnosis was on the 4th July. The yanks can celebrate for me.
It was close to 12 months since I first knew something was wrong.
I was strangely calm when the neurologist gave me the news.
Sometimes, I am not so calm.

Today is one year to the day, of diagnosis. As you say I remember it very clearly, 4pm on a Friday aftwrnoon.
One year on - what questions should I be asking? Myself? My husband? My doctor? My consultant?
Any suggestions please

Do you need to? If you have no outstanding questions maybe you don’t. Some days I’d like to know what the future holds, some days not. Then there is always the totally unexpected to contend with - like Covid-19. We’ve just had to cancel our 50th wedding anniversary celebrations planned for later this year but in the here & now, we are both doing fine which is really what matters most. :slight_smile:

I can’t remember the date I was diagnosed. I think it was August '17, but I have no idea which day. Why would I want to remember it?