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I am my younger sister’s main carer. She is in her 60s. She was diagnosed 3 years ago with “Parkinson Like” symptons and sees a neurologist.
She unfortunately has other issues having been born with a complex spinal condition
Whilst we have resolved difficulties relating to care help and financial, we struggle to
understand what are problems caused by this condition and what are Parkinsons
problems. Both of course affect her mobility . She uses a walker. Inside her flat she has occasional falls, usually forward. Her upper arm strength has lessened, her writing
has deteriorated and now her hearing has lessened. But her main problem is that
She has a lot of pain in her abdominal area. This moves around from being just
under the ribs to lower down. Sometimes she describes it as a burning sensation
and other times a thumping pain. She has had loads of tests relating to bowel and
digestion plus x rays, scans, etc with no real results.

Has anyone had success with any drug for pain from Parkinson’s? ( I don’t believe
it is neurological pain coming from the spinal situation because even a trial with
Tramadol gave no relief. ) Also, Can hearing loss be a feature of Parkinsons?

Hi. It seems to me that you need expert advice on your sister’s complex problems. All I can say is that I’ve never had abdominal pain from Parkinson’s and don’t know anyone who has. The same goes for hearing loss. On the other hand, falls, loss of upper arm strength and writing deterioration could all be Parkinson’s related, although the loss of arm strength could probably be improved with physiotherapy.

Thank you for responding. Yes sadly her situation is very complex but sorting the wood
from the trees is the main problem i.e.knowing which causes what, as both conditions
can overlap on subjects like loss of mobility, upper arm strength. Again thank you

If you think it is neurogenic pain, eg. from the spine then worth trying pregabalin (or gabapentin). Morphine derivatives such as tramadol are often not effective.
Best wishes for success

Hi there, yes I have the same problem started off as if someone was thumping me in stomach below right hand side rib making me double over then it started burning almost stabbing like pain when asleep would cause me to double over in bed and abdomen/back area would become real tight and painful the only way to move as could not feel/move arms and legs was to be pushed onto floor until subsided could not get off floor as cwd not move then eventually scrabble myself up onto bed and still can’t lift arms above head. Sends me into a right panic. Got no answers off anyone tried various meds but nothing just told by one GP oh it’s Parkinson’s another no it’s not. Had scans, seen gastroenterologist etc etc and it’s how it all started for me my Parkies journey stomach pain. Sorry I’m not much help just thought I would let you know.