2 years of using water soluble cbd and counting

I have been taking water soluble cbd for 2 years as have a lot of people i know, still working. Mainly helps depression and anxiety, didn’t do anything for Parkinson’s though. I did a lot of research and checked out a lot of suppliers. most if not all water soluble cbd is made by a company called ‘dutch natural healing’ the cheapest price from a company who rebadges theirs is ‘simplycbd’, £10 cheaper than others.

Some of the things i have elarnt on the way with cbd:

  1. I take six drops 2 times a day well spread out, if you take too much it actually has a reverse effect to what you want. for me this means pannic attacks and heavy depression.
  2. allow 90 minutes to 2 hours before and after taking cbd for any other meds- this is because cbd hogs the liver enzymes which absorb cbd and most of our medications, meaning that meds taken inside that time barrier may not be absorbed into your system
  3. oil cbd versus water soluble cbd - water soluble cbd is 90% absorbed by your body whereas oil is nearer 30% as it is difficult to break down. therefore you should be able to take less water soluble and get same effect as oil
  4. CBD does not work like other meds, it works on your homeostasis, so whatever is the most pressing issue is in your ‘body balance’ it tends to help with that. Thats why it helps a lot of different ailments