2019 Blessings


I have four amazing children who are all successful in their work, healthy and happy with people who love them

Three beautiful and clever Grandchildren who make me so proud every single day.

I have a warm, comfortable home and a husband who loves me and takes care of me

I still have my lovely but elderly Mum and Dad who are still active and doing well

My brother Tom is still with us and looking better after his ruptured aortic aneurism and his stroke.
After a few very worrying weeks, My older sister was told she didn’t have cancer

Despite having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s nearly nine years ago, I am still working full time and making a difference to the children and families I work with

I have some lovely friends and colleagues I like to spend quality time with

I can still drive my little car and live an independent life

John and I had quality time together in Croatia

We all have our moans and groans about our Parkinsons but I wanted to share some of the positives this year. Hope you all have a happy new yeR


Have a wonderful New Year !

What a pleasure to read such an uplifting message! I was diagnosed almost 7 years ago, and although now retired, manage to lead a full life. I lead a community choir of 150 members and also help out with choirs and shows in a local Primary school, as well as helping with the music in two local churches.
I too have so much to be thankful for - a son and daughter, who with their lovely spouses, have given us three beautiful granddaughters. My husband is one in a million and supports me every way he can, without mollycoddling me.
Of course I have difficult times (recently a badly broken wrist after a fall) and often days when I struggle with my symptoms, but I try to remain positive and thank God for each day, whether good or bad!
Thanks again for your message and all the best for 2020!