28 Teeth Pulled!

well just over 2 weeks now since me having a total of 28 teeth pulled under the good stuff, the cause i been told was my sinemet & stalevo  PD medication *sighs*  getting fed up of soft foods now, pastas, rice pudding, yogerts, custard, jelly, beans, beans and more beans lol oh and spagetti !! .............Gum to Gums is making my speech very difficult to get my tongue around with so much space in my mouth until i get the ole dentures fitted, anyone else having similar problems ??........my mouth seems to fill with water at times, my speech wasnt the best b4 i had all my teeth pulled, my pd making my speech inaudible at times................plus i have to say MORRISTON HOSPITAL in SWANSEA, south wales where i had all my teeth pulled under a heavy general anesthetic, in and out in one day was nothing less than totally brilliant , it was bad enough me being a parkinsonian for over 20 years and the problems that brought to the party and then the 28 teeth extraction made the whole day  a potential nightmare, anyway  all the staff involved  was so very caring , loving and helpful beyond the call of duty, even the 3 first day on the job nurses made the day a lot easier , so if any of you nurses, doctors, helpers, admin etc   get to read this, thank you very much

Hi Welsh Bear

28 teeth - that's quite a mouthful!!

You say that the cause was Stalevo & Sinamet  - but the cause of what?? 

Did you have loads of cavities or had your teeth gone soft/crumbly or rotten?

Were you a regular cleaner?

I'm interested as I am also on Stalevo and wasn't aware of any problems associated with teeth.



Hi welshbearuk,

We're are sorry to hear that you had to have so many teeth removed and are now having problems with speech, do you have a speech therapist to help with this? This information sheet might be helpful? https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/communication-and-parkinsons-information-sheet

Garysome people with Parkinson’s may have problems with their dental and oral health. This information sheet explains what these problems can be, why they happen and what can be done to help. http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/dental-and-oral-health-parkinsons-information-sheet

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Digital team. 

I looked into implants and possible help with the costs due to Neurological conditions.  Some health authorities mention Parkinson's specifically and will assist.  The complete removal and 4 implants top and bottom as a secure base for dentures is a possibility.  However, this is due to the difficulties a PWP can encounter in keeping traditional dentures in place.

My NHS dentist was very clear to me over implants.  Even a damaged crown tooth's root is better kept as a base for crowns or bridges than being replaced by implants.  If your roots are rotten so be it, but if your roots are sound you can do a lot of work on the NHS at reasonable prices.  I've lost 3 roots/teeth since DX 10 years ago and am waiting for the gum to recover from the last one before working out the costs for a natural root / single implant crown and bridge combo.

hi there gary mate, sorry for the delay in replying, not been  one of my better weeks, had more off than on days..................yes stalevo n sinemet were definately the cause of my teeth needing to be pulled .........my teeth wernt perfect when i was diagnosed with pd but they wernt to bad, i was a regular brusher and had only 3 pulled  up to my teens.............but after i started taking my new regime of medication of stalevo and sinemet, my teeth one by one were cracking off in the gumsm causing what the dentist called  " Brittle Tooth !!"   so only option was to pull all teeth that i had, all 28 teeth, they had started to rot in the gums with abseses rearing their ugly heads often.............sorry once again for my delay in getting back to you, and i hope you dont have the same problem as i did, keep monitoring yor teeths condition maybe the medication wont react with your body as mine did,

                                                                  please take care & be safe

if i can help with any other problems or info please dont hesitate to ask

                                                                     Hugh aka Welshbearuk

Hi Joanne, thanks very much for replying to my comment, no i havent had a big reason to ask my parkinsons nurse for a speech therapist but what im thinking is getting my dentures sorted first, then see if they will help fill my mouth making speech alot easier, crossing my fingers, legs and toes lol.......i will let you know the outcome

                          take care & be safe 

                                   Hugh aka welshbearuk


p.s. like your photo, your real pretty  ( bit of a charmer lol  )