2mg 4 times a day or 1 8mg tablet ropinirole what is best

Dr has given me 8mg ropinirole I was taking 2mg 4 times daily what is best thank you

Hi Morag52, I am faced with the same dilemma, I have been prescribed 12mg of Slow Release Ropinirole - beginning with 2 mg and gradually increasing to 12 mg. I am currently taking 6 mg. I wasn’t comfortable taking them all in the morning together with my other medications so I sought advice from my PD Nurse asking her if it was OK to take 4 mg in the morning and 2mg later in the day? She confirmed it was OK to do so. I will be very interested to observe what other comments you receive. Gerrard

I’m taking 12mg slow release first thing in morning and 6mg mid afternoon. This was after discussion with PD nurse as Ropinerole was running out by about 4pm and walking was really suffering. Twice a day works for me

Hi Martin,
In what form do you take your 12mg of Ropinirole ? Is it 1x12 mg tablet or 3 x 4 mg ? Also, I would like to know if - like me - you take it alongside any other medication. My interest is to establish if we are receiving similar advice. Gerrard

I have been on Ropinirole slow release for the last eight years, I am now taking 18mg a day which I take in the mornings 2x8mg =16mg and 1 x 2mg=2mg = 18mg along with 2 Sinimet 12.5/50mg, then 2 x12.5/50 Sinimet in afternoon, then 2 x 12.5/50mg Sinimet in evening plus Img Rasasiline at bedtime.

Thanks for all that information Sheffy. You seem to be on plenty of medication. I am taking Co-Careldopa which I understand is similar to Sinemet to which I have also recently added Ropinirole slow release. I was also initially instructed to take all of the ropinirole in the morning alongside the Co-Careldopa but I am not comfortable taking so much medication in one gulp and am taking some of the ropinirole later in the day. I did try Rasagaline but didn’t find any benefit from it and ceased. I have been critical of PD medications as they didn’t appear to provide any benefit but I do believe my tremors have recently calmed down a little since beginning on Ropinirole. I find it difficult to make an honest assessment as I have learned to adapt and live with the progress of PD Tremors. This can deceive you into thinking there has been some improvement. However, my wife is insistent that I am not shaking as much as I was. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Best Wishes, Gerrard

Hi all,

I think I need e erything increased as the pain, as well as the thinking is effecting a lot more . I want to say something and it takes me.some more time than it did a few back.