4 th booster?

Hi have a query regarding wether people with parkinsons who are under 75 should have had 4 th booster ??

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We have a lot of useful information about the Covid-19 boosters via our website here. However, I would encourage you to speak to your GP if you have any reservations and or questions regarding the boosters as they are more qualified to give you the information you require. As always, you can give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 and speak to an adviser about this - they’d be happy to assist you further.

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Jan4 I asked my GP 3 times about having the 4th Booster and they said ring 119 so I did, I was 68 by the way… The chap on the line said had I had a letter from the NHS I said no but surely because I had Parkinson’s I would be able to have one. Anyway he made an appointment for me. When I got there I got as far as giving my script of Medication which was then given to a Doctor to look at. He asked me what Requip was and I told him it was Parkinson’s medication. (I thought he probably should of known that seeing as though it is a well known medication. The up shot was he said I didn’t need one as the other 3 were good enough and that there would be another run in the Autumn and I would probably get one then.
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My husband who isn’t yet diagnosed with Parkinson’s but has had long-term quite severe neuro/respiratory symptoms that put him on the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable covid list, enquired about but wasn’t allowed a fourth booster.

Strangely I, who’d flirted with suspected multiple myeloma earlier this year, was offered one (and took it). I’ve never been on the CEV list.

Neither of us have caught it so far, and have both been exposed to similar risks. It’s a strange thing …

Hi Ant561, I do find it very odd that a fourth vaccine isn’t automatically given to people (under 75) with PD. Now (Covid) is sadly on the rise again, I would have thought that anyone with an ongoing neurological condition like PD should be eligible for the vaccine. My husband who is almost 71 has had his. I asked at our GP surgery and it wasn’t mentioned as being an issue with him being under 75. Surely it’s better to try and prevent the risk of getting seriously ill with Covid which may result in admittance to hospital, as it’s well documented that those with PD do not do well in hospital as a general rule. I know this from our own experience… Maybe have another word with GP or PD nurse. Hope you get it resolved soon. Jean

Thanks Jean. He’s due to see a good GP next week and I’ll ask him to double check that he’s been coded correctly, even though he doesn’t yet have an official PD diagnosis (his first hospital appointment is in September). He was left off the CEV list to start with, was told he shouldn’t be on it when he enquired, but then received a panicky phone call the next day saying that his (existing, pre-PD) condition was so rare that they’d had to look it up. Everything was fine after that. But now I’m worried that he may have dropped off the list again during the 4th booster round, even though he phoned and enquired about it.

We’ll keep checking.

Hi Ant, I do hope you manage to get him his booster. I’m sure your GP will be able to arrange it for you. You’d think they’d want as many people who may be even at a slightly higher risk protected as with cases rising there’ll inevitably be a rise in people who may need to be hospitalised again. Hope you get it sorted. Let me know how you get on. Good luck! Jean

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