48 hours

Hello Can anyone help , the last 48hrs have been very difficult,95% shutdown with only brief respite, BLACKY has eroded my capacity to think speak move and
unlike previous assaults I have not recovered fully,it is now 11.00pm and I still
feel a unpleasant numbness in my head. I have had several of these terrifying
events since my gall bladder op over two weeks ago and wonder if the anaesthetic
could have caused this , making the severity of PD worse by creating nerve damage
in the only area of my brain left with enough cells to combat parky. Has anyone
else had this very worrying situation arise after having surgery, and is the
likelihood of full recovery attainable ,I would normally have rattled this post off in about 10mins, its taken almost 35mins and there are other things on my mind
or there were ,I have forgotten what they were,oh I remember I watched MJ Fox on
You Tube,have a look see its informative and very moving.
Kindest Regards to All Fed

Hi Fed

Sorry to read of your problems after your operation.

I can't help directly but I seem to recall that Titan had the same operation a couple of years ago. He would help if he could I'm sure, why not PM him.

There are several members of the medical profession on here too perhaps if you posted requesting their advice.

Hope this helps and you are soon well again.



hi fed,im so sorry your in such a uncomphy state,big hugs,and hope things improve quickley for you.i dont no how to make you feel beter,im sorry but wot i do no is my own expercience 2 weeks ago.i saw the consultant for my gall bladder for the 2nd time,and had another xray as well.it showed i had more stones, and i could not pass them.but wot they doin now with me is keeping a eagle on me so to speak.the consultants words to me was i would not feel confident operating on you ,to remove the gall bladder cus there will be complecations cus i got other health issues rong with me.now im not sure if he ment the brain,or the athritus of me back and hips,would have that effect.i just sat there and said o isee.like a doppy monkey iam,o im left wondering why,ifs and buts me self.i see him agin in 6 weeks time,if you like i will mention your prob to him.and see if it relates to wot he said to me.i need to find out meself why he said no to me any way.i hope you feel beter soon,please keep in touch with us all x:smile:

Hi fedexlike,
Sorry to hear how you've been feeling.

I hope you managed to feel a bit better after your post and I hope you got some sleep in the end. I think it's worth chatting with one of our helpline nurses. Maybe they can give you some insight into whether what you're experiencing is linked to the surgery or maybe they can offer some tips about what you can do to remedy the situation.

Their number is at the top left hand corner of this page or at 0808 800 0303.

I hope it helps.


Hi Fed, I just thought you would like to know we are all thinking of you, and willing you on. Keep fighting Fed,God is on your side>Blue Angel x x x

Could possibly be cause by the extra stress of what you have been going through . My husband has recently had two cancellations for his knee op and has also been much worse . I think STRSS in any form is one of Parkonsons biggest enemies .

We were told today that he has been pencilled in for 26th Feb for his op but still could be cancelled again . !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Fedexlike,

I am back at last having been away due to laptop problems. to answer your question Anaesthetic's can cause real problems for pwp's and it can take several weeks for things to settle down so don't give up hope that you won't return to your more normal self.When my husband had an op he said he had odd sensations for several months, he can no longer have a general anaesthetic but he has had a couple of ops on his hands with a what they call a block which was from his shoulder down and if it is possible most doctors will avoid general anaesthetics for pwp's for the very reasons you are experiencing.I do think it would help to talk to a pd nurse if you can, I do hope you will feel a bit better every day and I am so sorry you are struggling at the moment,
best wishes

Thank you all for your support, I had a visit from my PD Nurse yesterday and she
confirmed that anesthesia can cause the awful symptoms I am feeling once again a
rock and a hard place my friends, regret is so short but I just cant think
Kindest Regards to the best the best forum.

Hi Fed,

I had my gallbladder removed 7wks ago and the first 2 to 3wks were the worst, I'm still experiencing discomfort and my big scar is still sore and tender ( I had open surgery not keyhole ). I can't say I got any numbness in my head but I felt drowsy for a week or so afterwards.
PM me if you think I can be of any help.

ali j,

I have other Medical issues aswell as PD and I was at no more risk of having my gallbladder removed then someone healthier, my gallbladder was full of stones and I was in hospital in September for 8 days with a trapped stone which they had to remove. When was your last attack? What type of X-ray did you have?

gill,i been having problems with gall blader for a good while now,i had a scan first and it showed i got stones,i saw consultant agin last week and had a xray this time,and this is when he said to me he was not comfortamble doin surgery .now i dont no anymore than this.ive got few things goin on rite now with other health probs,growth on me bladder,which is another concern.so im left in the hands of consultants and gp.ive been givern various meds,which not helping so far.im glad you was able to have the surgery gill,and i hope you make a full recovery very soon.:smile:


I would seriously get back in touch with the Consultant or your GP, if your gallbladder has stones that big you can't pass then there is a risk of them moving and getting trapped like what happened to me in September and believe me you don't want that to happen, I've never been in so much pain or so I'll. I ended up with Pancreatitis and Jaundice.
Are you getting attacks and if so how often? What advice have they give you regards coping with gallstones?

hi gill,i spoke to me gp today asking him if he could contact the consultant i saw bout me gallbladder to ask about his decison,he got back to me late afternoon.the reason he has kept away from surgery,is to do with the fact i got growths on me bladder and im waiting for the biospy to see if it uncancerous or not.he dunna wont to add more problems to me with surgery,i was told.im being kept a close eye on by gp.i been having servere spazerms and at first they did not no wot was causing it.hence the investigation on gallbladder,then finding more stones than preversly.but the bladder is causing bad pain also.so like i said im in the hands of them to decide wot will happin,when they have more info with bladder prob.the gp said the gallbladder was very inflamed as well causing me more pain.i dont like the fact things are left with gallbladder for now,im scared if i have a attack with it,i will end up in hosp and they have no choice to take it out,causing more probs with other health probs.ino how it sounds gill,and its complicated.but over the last 3 months all i seem to be doin is be in pain,and being proded about and tests.im sorry you had such a bad time gill,and i wish you well:smile: